Genuine Mitsubishi

I’ve recently been promoted to a computer technician at my work, and we use a fair amount of blank media for internal use. So, being a guy who likes to pay close attention to what media he is using, I loaded DVD Identifier on our computer and checked out a disc from each of the many DVD spindles we have for internal use. Most of it was garbage like Infosmart ISO001, Interaxia AG VDSPMSAB01, and a couple different CMC media IDs. I did, however, find a spindle of what appears to be non-branded thermal/silver lacquer bunch of Mitsubishi MCC 01RG20. On the inside of the hub (clear part) is the code: 4074 506 -R B C 12019 and on the outside (purple part): ZC1946-DVR-H47A. Just wondering if these are genuine or not? Or is there even such thing as a fake Mitsubishi?

Saucerful, congratulations on your promotion! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any Verbatim/Mitsubishi MCC 01RG20, but the structure of the ZC1946-DVR-H47A batch number is the same as for newer media (e.g ZD1551-DVR-I47A on my last Verbatim branded 8x DVD-R MCC 02RG20).

It’s almost certainly genuine.

There is such a thing as fake Verbatim/Mitsubishi media, unfortunately. See this thread:

Help us to identify the source of fake Verbatims

Those are completely fake including packaging, but the use of fake MCC media codes is much more common.

That inner hub serial does not look like an MKM (Singapore), CMC (Taiwan) or Prodisc (Taiwan), but it [I]does[/I] appear to be a Moser Baer serial. So, I’m 99% sure that your MCC01RG20 is legit. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, because they could be B or worse grade Verbatim rejects.

Agreed - it matches the structure of serial numbers on my Verbatims Made in India by Moser Baer. :iagree:

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, because they could be B or worse grade Verbatim rejects.
Good point! Inspecting those discs for visible flaws, burning them, and performing some quality scans and transfer tests should give a good idea of whether they are of an acceptable grade.

Promotion? Good, sure…

I save my congratulations for the fact that, in your new position, you’re taking time to verify company data is stored properly. Kudos, sir! :clap:

I assume your next move is to attempt to retrieve data off these discs and put it on something better, like legit MCC or TAIYO YUDEN? Maybe even educate the rest of the office, by writing up a blank media policy? :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there’s little chance that anyone will go for putting money into picking up some YUDEN000T02 discs. I’ve tried giving a few people a crash course, but they seem to either not believe there can be much of a difference, or not care. So for now, I might sneak in some of my own, as well keep using some of the Mitsubishi ones. At least the Mitsubishi ones are better than most of the other stuff laying around in there.

Even though company data is very valuable, it’s not worth a whopping extra 10-20 cents a disc for quality media - that’s waaaaay too expensive! :wink:

Must be some company for you to consider using your lovely T02s :wink:

BTW, congrats, Saucerful :bigsmile:

Buy them some RITEKG05 and let them learn the hard way 6 months down the line :bigsmile:

That’s just plain evil :bigsmile:

I have half a 25pc cake box of unbranded silver CMC MAG AE1 you can have. Every single disc turns out to be a coaster (the discs are defective - 1/3 of the way one particular track shows up in a darker colour than the rest of the disc, but only after burning. That track isn’t readable but you can’t tell before burning) on 4 different writers I tried them on. The burn will either fail 1/3 way through, or the disc won’t be readable at that point after burning. You can stamp whatever brand you want on them. You can prove that any brand is awful stuff immediately that way :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’ve been in a similar sort of situation. What might work is if the next time media needs to be bought, you volunteer to go do the buying (this assumes they buy in small amounts and don’t have the discs ordered in from a supplier of course). Then go get TYs or proper MCCs. When the crappy stuff starts to die and the good stuff you got doesn’t, it will do all the explaining for you.

I just got hold of a 25 cakebox spindle of Verbatim DVD+R 16x made in Taiwan. How can I find out where it comes from ( CMC (Taiwan) or Prodisc (Taiwan) ) ? And who produces the best disc of these two ?

See this thread: Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim: Differentiating at retail

Previously with 8x media, people generally considered Prodisc better than CMC, but now it’s the other way around. Personally, I think it might depend more on the individual batch than it does on which factory produced it.

I’m using a Philips 1648 and a BenQ 1650 with Solidburn. Up until now I’ve only used Verbatim’s 16x Made In India (Moser Baer). Since I’ve now gotten hold of some Taiwan made Verbatims, should I clear the learning in the EEPROM before using the Taiwan made disc ? Or should I just turn off Solidburn for known media ?


In principle, SolidBurn should be able to adapt itself to the new media.
I suggest you continue with your current settings, and only clear the learned media if you get bad results.

Now, please refrain from hijacking this thread, and get back on-topic. :wink:
If you have questions about BenQ SolidBurn, you can always post in the BenQ/Philips forum.