Genie Backup Manager v8 - Bug (file names): Data verification ended with errors

I found a probable bug in GBM. When I perform a backup and enable multiple drive spanning, the program reports an error after data verification. The reported error is the following:

Backup Status: Data verification ended with errors

The log (attached) shows that 3 files failed to backup, even though I’ve checked these files and they do not have any problem. I though it could be from the characters in the file names (, but two of the files have ANSI regular characters (or not… could it be the hyphens?). Does GBM 8 support Unicode?

After opening the backup files using Winzip I found the three files with altered names:

“TAP Portugal - Confirmação da sua viagem.pdf” -> “TAP Portugal - Confirmao da sua viagem.pdf” : NOTE THE ABSENCE OF ç AND THE tilde;

“Stage6 – Download Free DivX Videos.lnk” -> “Stage6 - Download Free DivX Videos” : THE HYPHEN IS DIFFERENT (SHORTER)

DivX Author – Create DivX Movies.lnk -> “DivX Author - Create DivX Movies” : THE HYPHEN IS DIFFERENT (SHORTER)

If I rename the extension of the last backup archive to .zip and then try to add some files using winzip I get the following error:

Action: Add (and replace) files Include subfolders: yes Save full path: no
Include system and hidden files: yes
Warning: the file name stored in the local directory (MF/E/Temporary Files/garbage/TAP Portugal - Confirmação da sua viagem.pdf) doesn’t match the name in the central directory (MF/E/Temporary Files/garbage/TAP Portugal - Confirmao da sua viagem.pdf).

Warning: unexpected characters at end of Zip file ignored
Adding TAP Portugal - Confirmação da sua viagem.pdf
replacing old Zip file

I believe the problem is in the file names. GBM fails to find a match because the files names were changed.
Could you please verify this issue? I urgently need to backup my data and downloaded the trial version of GBM.

Thank you

any ideas?