I’m using DVDFab Platinum and I can’t seem to get a decent generic avi. Sound is fine but video is in fast motion. I’ve tried different settings using Xvid and h264. Nothing works.
I have no problems with MKV.
Anyone else having this problem?

I have noticed that the output FPS is 29.97 instead of the user setting (23.97 in my case). There may be some problems with this but I have not had time to do any other tests and mine were not with Generic, they were with my Archos profile that makes H.264 MP4s. I sent Ting a note about it.

I’ve changed the fps too. At first I thought that was the problem.

I believe that the problem is with the way the avi is packaged. A simple and very fast pass through Avidemux produced a fine video.
So there is nothing wrong with the video or the audio. Only the way it’s put together.