Generic (xvid+mp3) MP3 encoding problems

Thanks Fengtao,

Just please note that the fast forward problem is not specifically related to WMP as I got it in many other players.

:smiley: Great news Fengtao… :clap:

I have had the no sound after fast forward in both WMP and PowerDVD…

Hope you can fix these 2 problems “1) slow encoding 2) no sound after fast forward in WMP”… As DVDFab Platinum rocks… :slight_smile:

I have tried both WMP 11 and PowerDVD for playback…

Haven’t tried the Generic Commodore-PCM30 profile, will give that a shot now and see what happens…

Also, where do you put the “avi odml=0” line, as i noticed that if i copied it into the xvid+mp3 profile in certain positions, then DVDFab failed to load, but worked once again if i removed the “avi odml=0” line…? Is it possible for you to post your entire xvid+mp3 profile?

Thx for all the help guys… :smiley:

Dear all,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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Hi everyone… Have installed DVDFab Platinum v3.1.1.0 Beta, and although the encoding has been speeded up to how it was in previous releases, i still get the bug where you loose sound if you try to fast forward a generic xvid+mp3 encoded movie… :sad:

This happens in both WMP11 and PowerDVD (with and without latest ffdshow installed)…

Have tried encoding the movie at different bit rates for both the video and audio, plus lowering the resolution at which the movie is encoded, and nothing seems to correct the problem…

It seems to only effect encodings that are over a certain length… Have encoded many movies of around 40-50 mins, and they play ok, but anything over 1 hour produces the sound bug…

Are other people still getting this bug? I was hoping that it would have been fixed in DVDFab Platinum v3.1.1.0 Beta… :confused:

Yes, we are working on no sound after fast forward problem, and it should be sloved soon.

For now, you can use VLC at to play the AVI file, and it should have no such problem.

I can confirm that VLC (I also have ffdshow codec) plays the DVDFab output with no problems in FF/REW. Pictures and subtitles look great too.:slight_smile:

If you get no sound after an encode then Virtual Dub is a useful tool to fix it with. Google for it, and after it’s installed load up your avi, select video from the menu and select ‘direct stream copy’, do the same with audio and make sure ‘source audio’ is selected. Then go to the file menu and save your avi file.

It’ll take about a minute or two, then afterwards you should have an avi that’ll work fine with sound.

Ah… Great news… Thx for the reply, look forward to this problem being resolved… In the mean time, will use the method you suggest and use VLC…

Thx guys… :slight_smile:

I have just seen the following comment on the latest release

Fixed: No sound after fast forward/backward when AVI file size is less than 2GB.

I am going to try it right away. Interesting enough I can see that the commodore profile has been removed and Fengtao mentions the 2GB limit I had seen by using that profile. So I cross the fingers that the problem has been really solved in the code instead of patching it in the profile.
If anybody did try please post as well.

BTW in the meantime the solution with VirtualDub or the one adding the <container> section to the generic profile (the container section should be at the top of the profile, jut under the <file format…> line) works with any player not just VLC.

P.S. Syphor the solution that you suggest works, but this was already mentioned in this same thread a douzin of messages ago :wink:

Just tried witht he latest beta (1 hour later Fengtao released the new version :slight_smile: ) and can confirm that the fast forward bug as well as the limit for 2 GB are gone!!!

Everything works perfectly. I have chossen the generic.mp3 profile and changed to 2 pass encoding, fixed rate at 1500kbps and 192kbps audio.

It works. Great work Fengtao! I’ll now try the final official release, but I expect it to work fine.