Generic (xvid+mp3) MP3 encoding problems

Just tested DVDFab on my Vista 32 Ultimate - and this is really a great piece of software. Its really, really fast and does excatly what I need :slight_smile:

I am using the DVD-to-mobile for conversion of DVD’s to xvid/mp3 to be played on my Vista media center. But there is something seriously wrong with the MP3 encoding.

When the final avi’s are played in the media center, they take forever to start (“getting codec”) and fast-forwarding in the movie will loose sound.
So I did a bit of digging into this, and I can see that in Windows Media Player audio is decoded using ffdshow, and not DScaler as my other avi’s (done in AutoGK).

Looking into the generic.avi.xvid.mp3.xml profile, I found this:
<acodec name=“lame”>
<common ver=“0” layer=“2” />
<attr ch_mode=“0” quality=“0” private=“0” orignial=“0” checksum=“0” copyright=“0” />
<vbr method="-1" max_bitrate=“224000” quality=“0” abr=“8” />
Well, it kind of hints that the MP3 encoding is done using and embedded LAME, although I did find anything in the supplied profile documentation about how to configure it. And I assume the quality=“0” mean encode using lame with hightest quality. Now thats not really a great idea, and I was suspecting the problems to come from this. Changing the value to “2” actually makes media player use DScaler - and sometimes solves the
fast forward problem.

I would be great if the guys from fengtao could shed a bit of light on the options here, as making a more sensible configuration of lame would make this tool even better and more useful

My preferred options are:

  • 48KHz Sample
  • CBR
  • 128kB/s bitrate, joint stereo
  • Quality 2

Hi Crippin and welcome to the forum!:slight_smile: I don’t have the player you are using but had the same problem with several players (A/V sync, no audio after FF/REW, etc). I installed the ffdshow codec and VLC media player and have had no problems since. There is some additional xml in the Readme folder inside the Profiles folder that may shed some light on the configuration questions you had. Hopefully Ting (the author of these DVDFab functions) will see this and respond. Glad to have you as a fellow user. Don’t be a stranger.:slight_smile:

Thanks, signals :slight_smile:

I did have a look in the XML readme, but didn’t find descriptions of the encoding options for MP3.

Using the options I listed above would make the avi’s playable in nearly any media player, as they are the most commonly used (and I belive that should be the goal for any conversion). I used same options in AutoGK and never had any problems on any player, really. But I do like DVDFab a lot more than AutoGK - its much, much faster, has a better UI and can do on-the-fly rip from a DVD, so it will for sure be the best tool in the marketplace, if these options could be working.

As I recently switched to Windows Vista Ultimate, AutoGK is just not working anymore. Found a couple of other tools that work in Vista and does the job, but none as fast as DVDFab (DVDFab is nearly twice the speed!).

As a sidenote, I’ve got a top-spec’d machine with a Core 2 Duo CPU, but it seems none of the tools in the market can truly make use of both cores :frowning:
Too bad - lot of muscle sitting there doing nothing…

I envy your high torque hardware:) and hope to join you in the Core 2 Duo club before too long. No time for building right now. I do all my backups and conversions on a 3.15 GHz P4 HT notebook and have noticed that all the DVD to Mobile modes load the CPU threads unevenly (and heavily) but the DVD to DVD transcoder shares the load almost perfectly. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future release. Try putting the ffdshow codec on your system and see if that will improve the playback stuff you are seeing. Don’t be a stranger.:bigsmile:

Crippin: I just had a PM from Ting, one of the developers, who read this thread and said he will try to address some of these issues in a future release.:clap: I always download and try everything they release because there are frequently fixes and changes that are not specified in the release notes. The download links are in the release announcement, usually near the top of the thread list in this forum.

Signals - thats brilliant. Can’t wait to try it out :cool:

In the meantime I then have to resort to some more inferior ripper :frowning:

Actually the key to fast on-the-fly rip is not neccesarily the video/audio transcoder when you have a fast CPU, its really more a question of speeding up reading from the DVD-drive… this seems to be one of the major advantages of DVDFab.
True multi-threaded transcoding taking full use of the new dual-core CPU’s appears to be in a very initial stage. Perhaps that would be something for the DVDFab guys to consider :wink: - keeping their product on the edge of things…

You will find these developers incredibly supportive. Usually if they can find a way to do something they will. I have several times suggested or requested things only to be told they were already in the next beta or something similar. They do try to stay one step ahead. Fast DVD reads are a two edged sword; faster is better but has a price on some originals and some systems. The trick to high performance with DVDFab seems to be (in addition to the optical read drive) minimizing/eliminating use of virtual memory and a system configuration that makes it easy for the IDE controller(s) to keep things flowing fast. I agree that the CPU speed itself is not quite as important. Be patient and try every release no matter what the release notes say.

Hi Signals - just had a quick go at the beta.

Using the Commodore PCM-30 with some config changes seems to work like a charm. I had a peek in the profile xml, and it seems the codec section is using different options (or really no options rather)

At least the result is MP3, CBR 128K which plays flawlessly in all the media players, fast forwarding and everything with no disruption of sound :cool:

Still would be great to have some more info/control on the LAME encoding options, but at least it seems to be working well now.

While waiting for this (well - didn’t have to wait that long, now did I… ), I played around with some other options, as I noticed the DVDIdle also from fengtao. I set up DVDIdle Pro using a large RAM-buffer plus some other ripper, then got the ripper to transcode directly from the DVD as if it was a harddrive directory. The result was stunning - I ripped a 2h10m movie in 36 minutes on-the-fly - running a staggering 92 fps!!!

A bit tricky to make it run on Vista, but result was amazing.

Wow, that’s great and I’m glad everything is playing nicely now. I have gotten encode speeds around 90 fps when encoding from my external HDD. If I am backing up a DVD to DVD and know I want an AVI as well, I UNcheck the box in Common Settings that deletes the Temp file and use the temp file to make the AVI. The unencypted temp file really rips and there’s no write to the hard drive time penalty since you would have to do that anyway in making the DVD backup.:slight_smile: Don’t be a stranger.

/EDIT/ I think Ting has been working hard on the speed and sync issues, with apparently great success. Three cheers:clap: :clap: :clap: .

Crippin you mentioned that you made some config changes to make it work. What are those changes? Where those something related to your machine to speed it up or to make the fats forward problem go away?

I have been living with this (fast forward) problem for years and can’t find a solution. I have downloaded the beta now and started an encoding to tets it (but I am far away from your fps - and it will take a while before I can tell whether it works now).

So far the only solution I found to the problem was to send the divx file generated by dvdfab through Virtualdub. FOr some non clear reason just been read and rewritten by Virtualdub (without any processing of the video or audio streams) fixes the problem (however the audio is considerably lower than the one generated by other DVD->Xvid tools).

Can you tell me about the changes you mention? Thanks.

P.S. My biggest whish for Fengtao and Ting is to allow to use external encoders. I made several tests at different qualities and DivX produces consistently better quality than xVid at the same bitrate. So I think many people wanting DivX quality would not mind paying for the the DIvX encoder but at the same time it would not increase the cost for those not needing it (BTW with the latest free DivX download you get infact also the encoder -with fewer options enabled - for free).

Hi alex60,

Supporting external encoder via VFW interface is possible in the future versions, that’s all what I can say now :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

That’s really great news! I am sire me and many other users will be looking forward for it.


OK, encoding (generic + mp3) was done and I still have the same problem. It plays fine with audio as long as it is left alone, but if you try to fast forward or just jump to another place in the movie it will loose the audio and never get it back again. Once reading and saving the file with virtualdub fixes the problme, but I really would like to not have to do that everytime :frowning:

I hope Crippin is still readin this thread and explan what he did to make it work.


When trying out the new beta, I noticed some extra profiles had been added to DVDFab. The profile generic.avi.mpeg4.mp3.commodore.pcm30 has a much simpler <acodec> section - its as simple as

<avcode name=“lame”/>

whereas the generic.avi.xvid.mp3 has this:

<acodec name=“lame”>
<common ver=“0” layer=“2” />
<attr ch_mode=“0” quality=“0” private=“0” orignial=“0” checksum=“0” copyright=“0” />
<vbr method="-1" max_bitrate=“224000” quality=“0” abr=“8” />

So I figured the “advanced” setting was to enable VBR in the MP3 encoding.
Anyway, I tested the Commodore PCM-30 profile with 128kbps MP3 bitrate, and checking with GSpot, I was happy to see the resulting AVI had CBR. Also it played well in MS Media Player 11, no fast forwarding problem, and decoder was DScaler not ffdshow. All joy.

So I have created the following profile (“generix.xvid.mp3.cbr.xml”) which includes my preferred settings:

<profile name=“Generic AVI - Xvid/MP3/CBR” version=“200” device=“generic” tag=“dvdfab” description=“The profile is used to create avi(xvid + mp3) file using CBR, which can be played on PC or supported device.” >
<file format=“avi” onefile_size_mb=“700” number=“1” />
<audio copy=“0” codec=“mp3” channel=“2” >
<freq value=“48000” list=“32000,44100,48000” />
<bitrate value=“128000” list=“64000,96000,128000,192000,256000” />
<volume percent=“125” />
<size list="" />
<subtitle mode=“0” />
<encode codec=“xvid” fourcc=“XVID” bitrate_kbps=“1150” >
<mode value=“real_time” list=“real_time, high_quality” />
<acodec name=“lame”/>
<vcodec name=“xvid”>
<motion motion_search=“5” vhq=“0” qpel=“0” gmc=“0” chroma_me=“0” />

Hope this will work for you as well.

Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try, and post back the result.

The new beta is now Try that first. Hard to keep up.:slight_smile:

Ok, as promised, I did LOTS of testsing. Unfortunately I did it on the beta release so I don’t know if my founding applies to the latest

Anyway, playing with all those profiles I singled out what makes the generic xvid+mp3 profiles work or not when fast forwarding.

As Crippin had noticed the commodore profile worked fine, while the generic didn’t. However I didn’t get any success with the modified profile posted by Croppin. Actually the problelm doesn’t seem to have anythign to do with CBR vs. VBR encoding.

What makes the file searchable is the following text

<avi odml=“0” />

Once I add these lines to the generic xvid+mp3 profile it works fine and I can fast forward and jump through the file.

SO everyhting should be good…but not :frowning:

The above container introduces some kind of limit on the size of the movie. With movies shorter than 2 hours works fine, but I tried on “Superman returns” and it cuts the last part of the movie out. Of course I tried to change the line odml=0 to odml=1, but it didn’t work out.

So, partial victory for now and more trials to do.

Any help form Fengato would be appreciated trying to decypher what the above lines actually do and what =0 means.


Tried both methods posted here, and still loose sound when fast forwarding an xvid+mp3 encoded movie… :frowning:

I sure hope they fix this problem soon, as it is ruining DVDFab by not working…

Also, the latest versions of DVDFab Platinum are so slow, on v3.0.9.8 i would get 50+fps when doing a generic xvid+mp3 encode, on the latest version of DVDFab Platinum, i only get 20fps… Another bug? I know some people say reset your DMA, but i am encoding the VOB files from my hard-drive… :confused:

Legless, that suprise me. It works consistently fine for me with the “avi odml=0” trick (except for the lenght problem). DId you try to select the Generic Commodore-PCM30 profile and see what happens? What are you using for playback?

Dear all,

We are working on 1) slow encoding 2) no sound after fast forward in WMP, please wait.

Best Regards,