Generic or not...?

could someone help me out with a question… i just bought the Benq 1610 DVD burner and on their page they have a firmware update but one if for 1610 and one is for 1610 generic… how do i tell which i have… does generic mean OEM…??? or is it the maker…??? i’m lost…thx

Do you have a Benq or a rebadged version ? Is it retail or bulk ? Is the brand “Benq” written on the loading tray ?

it says it’s a Benq under Nero but it has no Benq label on it… but it just came like an OEM i guess

So it should be a bulk version and you should use the generic firmware, BUT! check your current firmware first. (If you are not sure how to do this, you may use Disc Info to check it.) If it starts with G take the generic one, if it starts with B take the normal one…

ok it says… G: BENQ DVD DUALDW1610

No no!! G: is your drive letter, Drive Info also tells you the Firmware revision !!!

sorry dude B8B9

Okay, you have a “non” generic drive then!

Thx dude so i dl the B8M9 version not the generic G8M9

I am not quite convinced. You say you got B8P9. That is supposed to be a newer firmware than the one on the Benq site, which is B8M9…

Check it again, dude!