Generic mobile & Ipod compression ratios

  1. what size output files do these options produce, on default settings please, and is this a function of the movie length ?

To phrase the question another way: are all movies converted to the same size of output file or are they just compressed by a fixed ratio e.g. say I have a 2 hour DVD( format movie and also a 90 minute DVD5 movie. will the generic / Ipod output files be the same size for both movies or will the shorter movie have a smaller output file ?

Given the same screensize and other settings on the Configure page, the longer movie will be a larger file. The default settings for my cellphone produce movies that are about 300 KB files. The video bitrate slider will make the most difference in the size of the output file (and the picture quality). iPod defaults produce files that are just under a gigabyte in most cases. Your mileage may vary.:slight_smile:

thanks - I’m having trouble understanding how to use the frame resolution setting.

Maybe I’ve accidentally altered my original default values, but when I go to configure the Generic mobile option I see a frame resolution setting of 1024 x575, wheras the Ipod option cofiguration screen sets this to 640x352.

should there be such a big difference between the two default options ?

what is frame resolution anyway?
If it is file screen size in pixels then surely the generic default value is way too large ?

and if it does refer to screen size then how come the pal standard of 720x576 is not on the list? Those are the dimensions I get when I rip PAL DVDs with other software.
MY NTSC DVDs rip to 720x480 with my other software - but that size is not on the list either ???

I’m still using v3.1.3.5 and the default for Generic (avi.xvid) is 640x480, for iPod MPEG-4 it is 640x320. Unless you are planning to feed the video to a big display there is not much point in selecting a screen size larger than that of the mobile device you plan to use. As far as I know it is the screen size in pixels. Don’t know how the PAL video is handled in these modes. Ting would have to tell us if the internal codecs can be set up to output these sizes (but they can be easily added to any profile with Notepad for testing).

thasks - can you explain that bit about adding to profiles wih notepad please

Open the profile file which is XML with Notepad and edit the settings. They are held under Program Files -> Dvd Fab… -> Profiles

There is a readme directory with a sample in which tells you all about the settings.

Ah - I see how that works now - many thanks.