I have been searching and searching for this answer but haven’t found one that I clearly understand so I might as well ask here. I have a LITE-ON LTR-32123S and I really want to know what the option for me in burnatonce to Use Raw Driver is actually for. I tried it and it burned an extra 27 MB onto the disc before writing the actual information. What is the point of using generic-mmc-raw driver?

Use the raw driver if you want as near as possible to an exact duplicate of the original, including bad sectors, cd-text and rw sub-code information.

For example, if you use the raw driver and the audio image or compilation that you want to burn contains cd-text, cdrdao (the actual burning engine of burnatonce) will automatically switch to dao96 mode writing for cd-text.

Similarly, with your writer, if you burn a bin/cue image of a safedisc protected cd using the raw driver, cdrdao will burn in dao16 mode.

Right now I’m just burning SVCD images. Should I be using the raw driver?

Is it better to use the raw driver? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you’re burning svcd images, I’d use the standard generic-mmc driver (i.e. uncheck the raw driver option). Those images won’t contain sub-code information and burning with the non-raw driver will correct any defects in the image caused by read errors whilst burning with the raw driver will just duplicate them.

Hi there,
I am in the search for appropriate driver
I have come to know that these two drivers are most commonly
suppported by almost all new drives
Still I have following problem
I am using cdrdao
whenever I run it on any high speed drive normal CD-R get stuck
aftet Lead-out, and CD-RW gets the error “writing failed : buffer under run?”
I have tried following options:
High speed drive with generic-mmc
In case of CD-R , drive gets stuck at lead-out, but the target
CD is completely fine written and runs well on all the drives…
In case of CD-RW, the buffer error results
In case of generic-mmc-raw on high speed drives,
The CD-RW works fine,
But the computer explorer and the standard VCD player can not
recognize the disk saying that the disk format is corrupt…

Can anyone please help to come out of this problem…