Generic encoding - lots of problems

For the last few builds (maybe last 5 or 6), including the most recent 5.2.0, DVDfab has been making lots of mistakes:

  1. Subtitles rip ok, but when i try to remux my mp4 and subtitle files into an mkv, I get errors from mkvmux saying “subtitle stream doesnt contain any tracks”. This has always worked well until recently.

  2. Aspect ratio is hit and miss. Often the video looks squeezed, even though it looked fine when i preivewed it in DVDfab’s resolution settings.

  3. I cant be sure until i test on another computer, but it looks like some of the files audio and video arent in synch.

I have only made 2 conversions so far with, but the A/V sync was perfect. H.264+MP3.

More info on the subtitles weirdness:

DVDFab seems to be naming the idx/sub pairs with “CD1” at the end of the filenames and then creating a second set of subtitles for the same title with “CD2” at the end of their filenames.

It’s naming the mp4s correctly though.

Very strange.

Audio & Video Sync has been a huge issue on all of my DVD Region 1 DVD’s converting to anytype of H264 or mpv format. Audio leads video by .8 of a second. Makes most movies look like a real bad dubbed job. The avi and WMV files are correct with sync. I have done extensive testing on this and forwarded any and all info I could to Fengtao.

I hope he is able to repeat it so the bug can be found, but the A/V sync is painfully obvious in all of my DVD’s I encode ti H264 iPod.iTouch.