Generic AV Sync

I am making music videos from Music DVDs for a multimedia player, like VLC, to play on a projector in an entertainment area. I have similar AV sync problems to many already reported on this forum and I know work is being being done on this problem.

While this work proceeds would anyone be able to provide the listing of a generic profile that copies both original audio and video to an avi (deinterlaced if possible)? I think this would be a pretty safe way to get av sync.

If not what is the most reliable mobile option for getting pretty high resolution avis with few sync problems?

Hi, Boss! If you don’t already have it, install ffdshow codec. This eliminated sync problems for me with the Generic/audiocopy profile. Also, reduce the screen resolution and bitrate to the lowest settings you can stand to keep the output file size downunda 2GB. I have also had good luck with several of the MP4 type output profiles (e.g. iPod) and the Xvid+MP3 generic when playing on VLC. G’day.:slight_smile:


Please try DVDFab to see the result:

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I’m confused. Doesn’t DFAB use its own internal codecs? If how does installing FFDSHOW help? I’m not saying it didn’t and I’m not saying I’m right. I am confused.

You are correct. Fab uses internal codecs for encoding. ffdshow is for decoding with your player (works great with VLC and WMP).

Ok. So the audio synch issues were in playback?

That makes more sense.

I’m like most folks here probably. Klyte Codec packs, ffdshow, divx, xvid, etc. One of the things I think makes DVDFab better is that the codecs are internal. How many times has a codec install/uninstall caused a XP restore or fresh install for any of us? So internal codec seems better to me. Although I know there are the AVISynth, VDUB, etc., dudes out there dying for external codec support. Me, I want it simple, simple, simple…


Thank you all for your help. I am confident that the problem is with the encoding of the file; not the playback. I get the same sync problem on playback with VLC & DivX Player.

In the problem is worse, more audio delay, with the more video processing work DVDFab has to do. On small resolution jobs, no or small audio delay. On large resolution jobs big delay; and, sometimes no audio. Some DVDs are worse than others. Also, the time info that DVDFab displays shows there is a problem. At the beginning DVDFab will estimate say 6 minutes or so; but after 6 minutes passes is says 100% and keeps going for upto 10 minutes.

Audio |------------------------| Correct
Video |-----------------------------------------| Stretched out incorrect!!

A final thought which I hope doesn’t dominate, it is just a thought. In the DVD to DVD functions the clone mode provides a ‘bullet proof’ solution to any problem. Thats what makes DVDFab special. In the DVD to mobile functions there is no such function. Thats why I was thinking along the lines at the very beginning of the thread for a MPG2 plus audiocopy, ‘bullet proof’ generic mode.

It might help some users but MPEG-2 won’t play in my cellphone. The enormous variation in portable device requirements would make this hard to implement in a meaningful (i.e like Clone) way. But I would not mind at all seeing MPG and WMV output types available. I think you’re right, boss, that the problem is in the encoding, but some players and codecs can be fooled into playing back the output of some profiles/bitrates in perfect sync. The release notes for the latest beta say the sync problem has been solved for files >2 GB but I haven’t tried one yet. From your experience the changes apparently didn’t help in your situation.:frowning:

Have you tried any other software for the conversion? Can you rip the entire dvd to your hard drive first as in copy full movie?

Here is TMPG VideoSynch to give it a shot. Again not recommending it over DVDFab.

Had a look at VideoSync and didn’t really think very much of it’s user interface. It’s going to need DVDFab to create data on harddisk for it to work with anyway & it costs US$40. So I might as well persist with DVDFab; much better user interface and I am sure they can get on top of this problem.

Of course if they cant then I will be forced to look into VideoSync further…

My suggestion is strictly for troubleshooting. Try Videosynch to see if it works. While the trial version is time limited, its function is not. So IF you can make it work in Videosynch, I’m not suggesting you buy Videosynch. IF you can get it to work, then you have eliminated a variable and you can come back to banging on DVDFab knowing it is DVDFab. At this point you don’t know if its the software or something else. D/L one of IMTOO/Xilsoft’s products and try one of them. Same reason. Eliminate a variable by seeing if it works in another package.

I don’t care for Videosynch either. I use TMPG DVD authoring but even with that Videosynch’s interface is just odd looking.

Yes you will need DVDFab to rip the DVD. But that is all. So encode it with different package. After ripping with DVDFab can you use a DVD software, PowerDVD etc., to play the files on the hard drive and do the hdd files have sound? If they have synched sound then your having a problem with encoding. Encode with something different.

If the hdd fiiles have problems with sound, the problem is in the ripping.

Right now you have too many variables to nail the thing down. While you may not fix the matter with a package like Videosynch, by eliminating variables you get much closer each step to finding the fix.

And yes it is time consuming and frustrating.

Done a lot of work on this. I have found that:

  1. you have to copy the main movie to hard disk, I wasn’t doing that
  2. I now only have one problem DVD; Queens Greatest Hits

I am still working on it.

Try the new release, It contains many fixes related to the MPEG-4 modes.:clap:

Kewl. Glad you are having success!

Thanks JS. Does anybody know anything about volume settings? If I select 100% in DVDFab I get a much lower volume than if I rip an MP3 from a CD also using LAME at 100%. Is there something simple I am missing here?

Just a little experimentation.:slight_smile: The volume levels on devices vary quite a bit. For my cellphone I set it between 150-200%, starts to sound distorted at 300%, but there are other devices that need 300% to sound normal.