Generic ATIP patch

For some reason I’ve suddenly become obsessed with ATIP. However…

Is there a generic ATIP patch?

Hide-ATIP option in CloneCD does the job!

But I guess there are other utils who can do this as well.


That was not really what I intended to ask. Sorry.

What I meant was: “Can a program patch an image file so it will not check for ATIP.”

I need this so I can use a backup on a computers I run into without CloneCD, Insektors, Daemon Tools, etc.

I guess you need a crack for each specific program… Generic crack? Don’t if that is possible…

Are there generic no-cd cracks available? If so, then it probably will be possible to write a generic crack for the ATIP protection…

BTW, the most easy solution is to use a cd-player to play your backups… no problems with the ATIP protection then!

Good luck!


Wouldn’t there have to be a way, because in every program with ATIP protection, there would have to be a hex command to command a read of the area of the Disk with the ATIP info.

Maybe someday…