Generating DVD high-compatibility borders?



I used to get a message in the scroll box at the end of my multisession DVD recordings that Nero was generating high compatibility borders, now I notice that it didn’t show up this last time??? Is this something new or am I missing an option setting somewhere? I recently updated to v6.6.0.8a, is this a feature (or lack of) of the new version? I have a Plextor PX708a.


Reviving this, hoping for an answer here???


@ the_Wop
That is an option that is selected in my nero express under ‘final burn settings(last window before burn)>options’.

“As you may know the minimum data on a pressed DVD is about 1Gb or 30 mm of data. In some DVD drives and players having less data may cause incompatibility issues. The feature allows the users to write the minimum amount of data and the actual user data should not be less than 1Gb or 30mm.”


Hello the_WOP. Unfortunately that doesn’t always solve the problem. I have a LiteOn 1693S that burned exactly 4 DVD’s @ 16 X on 16X media and then started this message :DVD Generating High Compatibility Borders. I’m still looking for someone, anyone, to explain the message and the cause of it’s generation. Would please help? PLEASE? The setting on the ADD dialogue has a dropdown that changes from DVD9 (8123mb) to DVD5 (4483?) not sure. When I changed that it worked fine until I tried burning a DVD that was DVD43 unencrypted and NERO recoded to the HDD. It blew up 8 minutes into the burn and hasn’t burned a DVD since. Idea’s would be appreciated or at least a link to info so Ican research the problem. Thanks.