Generate empty message box in a mfc application

i write a mfc application(MyApp) and when compile it i have no error.
when i run MyApp in visual studio it run successfully, but when i execute MyApp.exe sometimes i get an empty message box without any

message and with click its button, MyApp.exe run successfully and other times i get no message and MyApp.exe run successfully .
please help me.
thanks for all.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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More details are need to help. Do you expect an empty message box or should there be a message in the box? Perhaps you could upload your code for others to check.


when I run my application from visual studio(debug or release mode) I haven’t this problem, only when execute generated exe file
in the start time (sometimes) this event occurs (and sometimes not occures),threfore I can’t debug step by step.
a quite empty message(no caption , no message)