i am hoping to build my own computer and think i hav found a resonable processor i was hoping somone would be able to tell me if this was a good deal and if not possibly recomend a better one for a similar budget,

the mother board i hope to use is
i would also appriciate some advice with this

as i am not too familaiar with computers at the moment any help or recomendation for other components would be much abliged


stay with the same MOBO but get this CPU:

its about the same price but it will run circles around the D 960

^what he said. the pentium 4 is almost dead/phased out. the core 2 duo is the new beast on the block, and the E6600 has the best price vs performance ratio.

i want this computer to be able to run oblivion
will this proceswsor be fine for that as well

the core 2 duo E6600 is currently the best bang for your buck and will outperform an amd fx-62 at a fraction of the cost, it will be great for oblivion, or anything else you throw at it for that matter :iagree:

just be sure to get a good gfx card too, a geforce 7900gt is very good for the price range (about $260 US) but you can always go higher if you can afford it :wink:

thanks, i am planing to buy a 7900gt but would if possible like some advice towards what to look for in the way of ram i know i want at least a gig (DDR) but other than that i do not know what to look for in terms of ram.

for ram I’d recommend a 2x1Gb matched pair of DDR2-667 cas4 from a reputable company such as corsair, patriot, kingston, ocz…etc

thanks jwill427
i hav looked at the ram type you suggested and was wondering if it would be better as i want to run oblivion if i bought the 800Mhz or even the the 1000Mhz types.

also, is there any major diffenece between the the platium and gold OCZ Memory chips

once again thanks

some ddr2-800 would give you a slight performance boost, especially if you’re going to overclock, but it all comes down to what you want to spend and if you plan to overclock

IMO ddr2-1066 is a waste of money unless you are going to be doing some extreme overclocking

as for the OCZ gold vs. platinum, I don’t see any real differences between the two, but maybe I’m missing something :confused:

thanks, i do not plan to over clock so it is best to for the 667 then

i hav heard that amd is going to be bring out a new processor to rival the lastest from intel, does anyone know when this is going to be and will the amd equivalent be roughly the same price and the intel,