General Zero Hour Cd Title

Can anyone tell me the title for both the cds please…thx :slight_smile:

Just put your original CD’s in a drive and look…you do own the originals dont you?

Well I was hoping I wouldent have to explain this since it just a simple stupid question. But yes, I did own own the game till I recently got robed. Took games, 1 computer, music cds and my f*cking DVD collection. Ya, not really in the mood, but I had happen to copy over the files from the game(as i do all of them when i get them) so id really really apreciate it if you could just tell me the title, and i will be very please…Thank you… :rolleyes:

Even if we told you the CD labels it would not help you alot, just copying the files from the CD does not copy the protection.
So any backup you make from these files likely will not work.

umm, so your saying basicly shove it up ur A55 and there no way…trust me i got my ways…just insted of making a big deal out of it…just say. no i aint gonna help you, be yatch…

thx for all the help you have givine me, i now have the cd title so thx so much…

google is a great place!! Would have found your answer straight away but it’s called:

Command & Conquer Generals; Zero Hour

We’re trying to give advice here OverclockMyShyt, no need to take it personally. If you have copied the files directly from the CD to your Hard Drive, then most likely you will not get a working backup.

its all good in the hood…i got it all working fine now…