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Howdy all…Im a newbie to this stuff…Is there a tutorial on backing up DVD’s? What I want to do is copy just the movie, the 5.1 stuff and DTS if there is DTS. The problem is, I dont know what to check or not to check when using CloneDVD, I just been copying the whole DVD and getting around 50%, also, if I only copy the 5.1 and DTS, does that mean it wont play say on a system that just has a dvd player and tv (no home theater or 5.1 decoder)? Thanks for your help.

@ watchdog,

Below is a link to the CD Freaks CloneDVD tutorial.

Also it appears that you are unaware that CD Freaks has a DVD Tutorial Forum. Below is a link.

It might be a good idea to thoroughly look around the CD Forum and note all the various Forums that are available to CD Freaks Forum Members. There is a wealth of knowledge contained in the CD Freaks Forum. You would be surprised at all the information available to Forum Members if they used the Forum magic “Search” button.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of useful help here. See this link for some good guides;

As far as regular 5.1 versus DTS, only playback systems with a DTS decoder can play the DTS track. Generally all systems will be able to play the 5.1 track even if only a TV without a home theater setup. So you should copy the 5.1 track as a minimum and if you wish the DTS would be optional.

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Ok cool…thats what I was hoping! Thanks and I will check out the tutorials…