General Rant- - "Nothing Works!"

I’m in about month 8 of my dvd recording odyssey. I am using Liteon 5005 and 5045. The 5045 works flawlessly “on the harddrive.” Both work pretty good on write once media. Getting material from the recorders to my computer to edit out ads is proving very frustrating.

I have used quality + and - media==imation, verbatim, maxell, fuji, and sony. Some don’t work at all, some work great for 5-10 burns then fail==about 50% of failures is too many glitches==ie, dvd won’t play or sticks on a spot or 3-4-5 spots during replay. The other 50% are disks that once burned won’t play or won’t erase and are then useless. This is all after the disks recorded properly 4-5 times.

I am trying to just live and learn what works and I accept that maybe these disks just have a short life time and that would be “ok” if that was what everyone else experienced but I don’t see this problem posted elsewhere.

NOW, I just checked some of my earlier recordings==all confirmed good at the time of recording and about 2 out of 3 of about 100 have gone bad after 6 months. The media was generic and on sale but it burned and played at the time so I thought the 20% failure rate on initial burn was “ok” but I since moved to TY and failure rate is near zero. The failed disks are Must001 according to dvd identifier–they have gained a gray sheen and are unreadable. Makes me afraid my TY’s and TDK’s may fail in a year and that would make this whole process “really bad!”

I had similar experience 3 years ago burning cd’s. Not a happy camper until I upgraded the burner to one with “burn proof” and the experience turned from bad to good overnight. IT WAS THE EQUIPMENT—not me.

SO==is the same thing going on now with DvD’s==ie, just too early in maturity yet or are my Liteon’s just jinxed ((although same thing is true with my Ilo)). Are you guys having the same bad experience and just accepting it or what other thoughts might you have? ((About to go back to tape!!)) bobbo.

Lots of people have reported problems with the el-cheapo media being bad after a period of time. But your Verbatims and TY’s should be fine. As far as finding good media for your Lite-on’s, you should check out the Lite-on forum, and find what media is working good for your particular burner. Seems like the burners in those were 411s or 451s. A google search will tell you for sure. As far as editing, you just need a good app. that will edit mpeg dvd’s. Or, you can convert back to avi, edit, then encode back to mpeg, but you may lose a bit of quality that way.

@ leaglebob,

Always use the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the DVD Media to identify the DVD Media. Most retailers of DVD Media don’t actually manufacture the DVD Media that they market. They purchase DVD Media in large bulk quantities from DVD Media manufactures and then repackage it and place their name on the package. Sometimes they purchase the DVD Media from reliable manufacture sometimes they don’t. That is why the only way to truly identify the particular DVD Media is to use the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code). To acquire the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of DVD Media use a utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( In short stating using Imation, Maxell and/or Sony provides no information on the quality of the DVD Media used.

The symptoms you are reporting is related to the use of poor quilt DVD Media. Also it is important to ensure that your DVD Burner always has the latest most up to date firmware avaiable installed.

Acquire known top of the line high quality DVD Media. In many circle Taiyo Yuden DVD Media is top of the line high quality DVD Media. Rima.Com ( is considered a reliable source of Taiyo Yuden DVD Media.

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Thanks guys—I know what you are saying is true- - -but I needed to rant. Speaking of TY media==I’ve been buying it at and it has about a 2% failure rate on initial burn which is great but I haven’t seen any RW media from them==but I’m going to look again as “all” the name brands have been failing on me.

Think that “halographic” dvd will be any more reliable? ((Its only going to be 500 times more expensive==will make a real nice coaster!))