General Questions Regarding Zebra Mods

  1. Can Zebra Mods improve the 4x Lt-411 writting quality or only the modded 8x?
  2. How can I get the mod?
  3. Can the drive be flashed back from Zebra to Original Lite-on?
  4. Does flashing it to Zebra reduces the life of the drive?
  5. Besides haveing an 8X drive what other benefits do I get? Since I don’t really care about 8x I have the patience but I DO care about higher write quality. If 8x will write at higher then 4x original bin then I will do it. Does does it improve 4x?
  6. Do the Zebra Modes support Bitsetting?
  7. Is V4 out yet and if yes is it better than V3?


1> as 811s firmware in some cases is better then 411s firmware your burn quality could get better.

2> offical web site


4>we dont think so


6>yes with firmware HSOK or later

7>v4 is out and it is better

Excuse me being a complete a*se, but I can’t find the Zebra mods on

Can someone please point me in right direction ?

Its ok I said I was and a@se - and I was

Found it - you have to become a member