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I’m very new in blu-ray world, thus i have some questions about blu-ray that i have tried to search answers to but hadn’t got it completely clear to myself. Moreover, there is some decisions (probably) made in a hurry:doh:

  1. I bought a Samsung SE-506CB external slim drive for my laptop since this is practically the only model that is available immediately at local stores. It was reasonably priced too as my budget is somewhat limited. This device was shipped with TS00 firmware, which i have upgraded to TS02. Now a question: Was this a good (or at least acceptable) deal?

  2. I bougth a Verbatim blanks in 10-pack spindle (CMCMAG BA5). I was foolish enough not to search and learn about that media before i made that deal. According to this and this, should i be worried? Can i use this device for adequate scanning results to actually know if this media actually goes well?

  3. Is it true that BD-R is by nature more reliable than DVD-R/+R since it uses inorganic silicone-copper recording layer that is supposed to last longer than DVD’s organic dye layer?

  4. What could happen to BD-R discs if i store them in a spindle box? There is a recommendation that i should only store in jewelcases (pretty obvious indeed). Is that Hard Coat that hard?

I hope i won’t look too silly…:o


Hello Hannez, welcome back. I seem to remember you from a long time back in the Lounge.

I don’t know a great deal about the Samsung Blu-ray drives. The one you have may be one of the last drives available that is still able to do scans, according to Ibex, Jadburner and others. As for burning, you will simply have to test yours to see some results. Jadburner doesn’t seem too impressed with the drive, and I’d certainly avoid burning at 2x with it and these discs.

I do not believe that BDR discs are inherently more reliable than recordable DVD’s. They will vary in consistency just as badly as the earlier optical media. I had some Ritek discs become completely unreadable in a period of 3 to 4 years. Obviously, I do not recommend Ritek at all. But I haven’t had any issues with Verbatim (with Verbatim mid codes) or FTI/Falcon discs, and many around here recommend Panasonic. The Panasonic discs are getting hard to find however, and I keep seeing rumors that they are leaving this business.

I do advise staying away from the LTH variety of Blu-ray recordable discs, as we still see reports that those are less compatible.

I haven’t seen any issues when storing discs in a spindle. But many people are reporting problems with Blu-ray discs when stored in wallets, (like these) especially when there is any pressure applied, like stacking them on top of one another.

I prefer individual cases for long term storage.


Thanks for the reply!
For some reason i was unable to burn a test disc using ODC 1.70 (perhaps due to unregistered version?). It simply did nothing, i heard the disc rotating full speed, led indicator was blinking erraticly and nothing was actually burnt onto media. Well, then i just threw over 22 GB of data to disc using Imgburn (OPC was off). There is a burn graph below. Burn speed was very inconsistent and device buffer was fluctuating strongly, especially at the other half of the disc. Why? USB2 limitation? External HDD writes much higher speed without a problem.
Quality test and TRT is also attached below. Not very good? There is a thin sharp darker ring on the disc surface at the end where the quality drops drastically.


The quality test does not look particularly good, due to the problems at the end of the burn. The TRT has issues even before then, so I’d say this is not a great result.

If you are going to do more tests, I’d suggest starting a thread in the Samsung writer subforum. Jadburner, cvs and Albert are much better informed about scanning than I am, and they are more likely to find your thread there.

Over the years we have been reluctant to recommend external drives that use one USB 2 port. This can be a source of problems when burning. So, yes, USB 2 might be an issue for you with this drive.


I just did test mode burning at 4x using Imgburn and writing was smooth. It took about 25 minutes to complete. Now i’m doing a real burn at same speed. It was smooht at the beginning but now its write rate is below 1x and buffer is fluctuating. And it will take over an hour to complete.


My personal recommendation for an external drive is the LG BE14NU40, but may not be available to you locally. Also more expensive. That LG has an external power supply, and so doesn’t rely on the USB port for power, and has USB 3 as well, if you ever upgrade your computer.

Your experiences with this Samsung are only reinforcing my preferences for a full sized external, rather than one of the slim drives.


[QUOTE=Hannez;2753704]I just did test mode burning at 4x using Imgburn and writing was smooth. It took about 25 minutes to complete. Now i’m doing a real burn at same speed. It was smooht at the beginning but now its write rate is below 1x and buffer is fluctuating. And it will take over an hour to complete.[/QUOTE]

Can you provide a screenshot of the window during the "real’ burn (or a picture of the burning graph in general)?


Now the weird thing is that in test mode burning speed doesn’t go over 4,67x but in real burn it reaches to 5,39x. Looks like Imgburn ignores the speed set by user. I’ve found someone has very similar problem with Verbatim branded CMCMAGBA5. Looks like i have to test some other media.
EDIT: I will test under Linux with Xfburn too and see if the same problem will occur.