General Question

I am new to Clone DVD and would like to know this…If a film has more than one language like in Kill Bill for example.

How do I set up so that when the other language is spoken I can see it in the subtitles…I do not want the english subtitles to run throughout the film just the Foreign language

I am not quite sure, if I got this right.

Let’s say, you have chosen english (spoken) then you don’t want subs, but if you switch to let’s say french (spoken) you want an automatic switch to english subs ?
I don’t think that this is possible. Simply use the dvd menu for this…

Some movies automatically put the English subtitle on screen when “the other language is spoken”. It’s part of the main movie title. As a user, you cannot modify this setting.

Thanks for the reply both…I have been told also that it is part of audio streaming I guess I’ll just have to play around with this program for a while as it is all new to me