General Question

I have successfully backed up my copy of doom 3 on my lite-on cd-rw 5238 s with alcohol 120%. This plays quite happily in my pioneer dvr-108 however I am assuming because of ATIP I am unable to play the cd on the cdrw. I note the forgoing discussions on "ignore media type’ allowing the cd to run in the cdrw.
My question here is two fold

  1. Is the option of ignore media type somthing that is done during the burning of the cd and hence is there permanantly because if it is it didnt work for me :frowning: or is it something that you need to set up when you are running the cd similar to software that runs in the background like daemon tool’s I cant find it in the help files anywhere.
  2. Because it runs on the pioneer dvr-108 will it run on all cd and dv roms or only those with better tolerance because I also have a pioneer 106 dvr and the drive doesnt recognise the cd at all.

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Welcome hcap :),

1. Enabling or disabling 'ignore media type won’t take any influence at the quality or success rate of your backup. Read the quote about what ATIP is used for.

2. Doom is protected by SafeDisc 3.20.022 which makes your backup very hardware dependant. You can be some kind of happy that it’s running from your Pioneer 108, so you’ll be at least able to play it from your backup. It may run using ohter drives but you got to test it by yourself :).

Do you have a lite-on dvd rom drive by any chance? I reckon if you burn it with your cd drive then play it off that it should be fine.

Thanks for your response guys…I dont have a lite-on dvd drive however having read through all the forum pages I think I will buy one. Is there a model I need to get or will any latest lite-on dvd do the trick.



I have found the Lite-On 166s to be the most lenient in playing SafeDisc backups.