General Question on Reburning older lower quality burns

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I am currently setup with a NEC 3500 (L&D Beta 4) and am using Fuji/TY DVD-R and DVD+R media these days (TYG02, YUDEN000T02). Needless to say thanks to the wonderful info at CDfreaks I’m a happy camper now. However, I’m beginning to get worried about many of my previous burns with my past setup (Pioneer 106D on RitekG04, MCC01RG20 (Prodisc Matte) and MCC01RG20 (Verbatim Movie Reel). I don’t have a lite on so I never did kprobe scans on any of these. I did verify them using CD Speed read error tests and got all green. So basically what I’m wondering is, if I can get the data back from the disc onto my HD could I reburn with the 3500 to get my important stuff onto better burned discs? I guess what I’m wondering is if I can get the disc contents back onto the HD I’m essentially starting over right? Sorry if this is a redundant question couldn’t figure out how to phrase it in a search of the forum. Thanks for any help
quick addendum: I have the 3500, an aopen 1648AAP and the original 106D to read the discs

Yes you can.

It is common practice and actually recommended to move important data from one disc to another after a length in time (especially to move to a higher quality disc).

That being said, what makes you believe that your RitekG04 and MCC01RG20 discs are poor quality?

Thanks for the response wesociety. I am currently setting up a comp with a Aopen 1648-AAP and I plan on doing some Nero quality tests on some of my older burns to see what I’m really looking at. They don’t have that nice smooth Transfer Rate test results (tested on my 3500) that my 3500 12X-16X burns have though so that got me thinking there may be problems. Maybe I’m just getting paranoid though :slight_smile: Most play fine in my standalone (Philips DVD-724AT) and actually I play most through the comp so thats not a big deal. Gonna have to do some testing and maybe post some results and decide what to do then. THanks again for the helpo

Don’t know about the Riteks but if the MCC media plays properly now, if properly stored, it will probably continue to do so for as long as you’re ever likely to want to play them.

The Pioneer 106 is as good at burning those media types as any drive is. It’s always good to do extra copies though. Just use Nero DVD copy function and de-select “on-the-fly” option so it will image to HD first. If you have the extra HD space, you can even tell Nero to leave the ISO file rather than delete it.
An alternative would be using DVDDecryptor to make an ISO of the disc, then burn it.

thanks everyone for all these replies. I think I may have gotten a bit too paranoid on this one. I’m planning on just grabbing my ultra rare stuff and burning it on TYG02@12X on my 3500. Its probably fine to begin with but like many of you have said redundancy is a big part of data storage. THanks again for all the helpful replies

you can make an ISO of the disc in NERO as well using the Image Recorder.