General Question Gold/Platinum Read Error

This is for any movie. When reading a movie in DVDFab and you get the Box with Abort, Retry, Ignore and on top of that box you get the box to Insert A Blank Disk, what have you got, a bad read or a good read, and what causes this. I’m useing, but have had this happen with other versions. I then use another program and get no errors.

Could be either one. Try ripping the same original to a HDD folder and see what happens. The prompt for a blank disc should not come up until the read is finished. Did the blank disc prompt come up before you clicked on any of the read error options?

I would get the Abort, Retry, Ignore, just as it finished copying to HD, and just as fast the insert media box on top. Would also get the processed finished fine in the DVDFab program.

i have experienced the same error. the copy process completes and just as the drive is opening the error box comes up and then the insert media box comes up.

i insert my blank disc, click okay and click ignore. every time this has happened the backups have worked just fine. dont happen all the time, just on occasion.

thought i read in one of the recent beta’s where this problem was fixed, but dont see it in any of the release notes.

Hi camper913,

Are you using The problem should be fixed.

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Fengtao, was using at the time.

When I checked the “ignor all reading errors” I quit getting that error message.