General Q: RipIt4Me + DVD Decrypter

Hey all, I have a couple of questions. After looking over the boards for a while, I decided to go with RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypter with ImgBurn. It’s been working great so far. Here are my questions, thanks in advance for answering.

  1. What does RipIt4Me actually do other than automatically open DVD Decrypt and other programs?
  2. What really is FixVTS and should I use it for ripping DVD ISOs?
  3. I don’t use Shrink because I like full quality ISOs, but can I use it and not lose quality, or should I stick with the full 4gb files?
  4. RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypt create an ISO AND an MDS file. What does this MDS file do and how much of a difference does it make?

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Welcome to CDF,
1: DVD Decrypter is a great program but has not been updated in about 2 years so it cannot handle the new encryption of the newer DVDs. Ripit4Me removes them for DVD Decrypter to finish the job.

2: If your are burnning to DL layer discs then you probably dont need to use FixVTS. It removes little parts throughout the movie that are not necessary
to duplicate the DVD making for less for DVD Shrink to have to compress to fit on a single layer disc resulting in better overall quality.

3: I use DVD Shrink all the time. The quality is the best you can get. Just remember that the less you have to compress the better the quality.
Try Ripit4Me in the “movie only” mode and then remove the unnecessary audio streams that you won’t need with DVD Shrink. I think you will be impressed with the quality, plus the money you save in blank media. You can save the output files that Shrink creates as an ISO file. You can then use ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter to burn.

4: The MDS file that DVD Decrypter makes is basiclly a guide of where to put things on the disc like the layer break. Click on this file to burn if you are using DL discs.

Wobble, thanks for the great information. A couple easy questions, too easy almost :confused:

What is the difference with DL and singleL disks? If the DVD I’m ripping is single layered, then no good will come from putting it on a DL right? And if it’s originally on a DL disk, does it mean it’s just double the size? Or is there something particular about the disk?

Also, if I’m ripping from a single layer disk onto a single layer disk, is running FixVTS still a good idea? Or will it actually lower the quality at all?

Thanks again

The objective is to use RipIt4Me and FixVts to remove copy protections. If the size of you movie in it’s full form after it has been ripped to the HD is small enough in size ( less than 4.3G ). Then by all means go ahead and use a single layer disk. The only time that you are going to use a DL disk is if your movie size in it’s full form exceeds 4.3G.

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If you wish to make it fit onto a single disk, DVD Shrink can be used for that task, and it does it quite well. And it is free. :slight_smile:

Definition of FixVTS taken from the homepage:
FixVTS is a very tiny tool that allows you to adjust your DVD files into better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in DVDShrink or vobblanker.

FixVTS does a similar job as what’s called an “IFOEdit Mock Strip”, but only adjust as little information as possible in the VOB and IFO files to allow opening in other apps while keeping the DVD as similar as the original as possible

You would use FixVTS if you messed up your DVD, for example by applying the wrong tool, or aborting in the middle of some processing, and the result can no longer be used.

Another good use is for DVDs that have been authored with errors in the IFO or VOB files, such that they still play on your player, but won’t open in DVD editing tools such as DVDShrink, vobblanker and others.
Yet another use is fixing DVDs created by DVD-VR

Excellent, thanks for all the help guys!