General problem



A friend in my building was playing the Carmageddon game. After the game exited, the font was not restored.. All things were still following the games graphical settings. Why did this happed. What is to be done in this case normally cause i had to reinstall windows in a fresh directory to overcome this. Everytime the pc was restarted, the problem was there. Just qurious. By the way the friend keeps his pc stuffed like a dustbin.


when you say the game exited do you mean it crashed or did he exit the game by quitting it? I would try to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. I have had this happen a few times when games have crashed. But going from what you have said it was a windows problem.


i was not there when it happened. the font was just permenant. i could not even go to the desktop properties to change it. i reinstalled his display driver but still it was same problem. he does not operate his system properly and it is very possible he did something very stupid which some of us would not even think of. Anywayz i told him not to play the game again.


I think that like you siad he may have done something stupid with it. But who knows. maybe the game did something to it but I would have to still say windows or more likely user error