General Problem?



new to the forum, so thanks and hi to all - using the Clone DVD to back up my disc has been great, just tried to back up Monster House DVD, but no such luck, the disc loads ok and no trouble with sellecting the file, but thats as far as i get!! any idea’s has anyone come across this??


Hi phillipw and Welcome to CDF.

What are you using for Copy Protection/encryption?

What version CloneDVD are you using?


thank you Jeff for your kind welcome!! - Im using Slysoft Any DVD, and using version CloneDVD 2 (2.9.01), I’ve had no trouble until now, and even after i’ve backed up other dvd’s!



Poor quality media often results in playback problems. What media are you using?

Did you get the cheer that your burn was successful?

If you’re not using Verbatim (or other recognized quality media) try with Verbatim and lower your speed to 8X.


thanks Jeff,

worth another try.