General NeroSDK questions


After reading the NeroAPI documentation I have some questions.

  • I can’t find any API to read file data. Do I have to use the WIN32
    functions to read data ? If so, can I use the WIN32 functions to
    read data when the recorder is in use by Nero (e.g. device is opened
    but not writing ?)

  • Our application stores files to add in a staging area. While preparing
    the staging area I need access to the recorder to query device and
    file system properties and also to read data. At some point in time
    the application needs to copy the files in the staging area to the
    loaded media. It may also want to delete existing files. I believe the
    IFileSystemDescContainer is the correct API to use., Is this correct ?
    Can I have use the recorder while reading data ?

  • Nero only supports UDF 1.0.2. Does this mean UDF is not supported on Write-Once media. What are the limitation ?

Thanks all,
Jos Scherders