General Lightscribe

I hope that maybe the moderators will make this a ‘pin’ topic…

I would like to start a general ‘LIGHTSCRIBE’ topic where users of this labeling technology can share hints on getting the best image on this media.

My first question is…

[1] Is it true that you can ‘MultiBurn’ the same image on a ‘LIGHTSCRIBE’ disc to make the image darker?

[2] Do you use an external program such as ‘Photoshop’ to convert the label into grey scale before importing into your label burring software?

  1. Yes. The burning system is keyed so it always burns the information in the same place. This allows you to layer up the image or add to it later if you want.

  2. I have not bothered BUT it would be better to as it will give a better reprisentation of the final print. Nothing worse than a nice colour picture that is all the same shade of grey when printed.

If you have done much in the way of ‘MultiBurnLabel’…

How is the best way to do this?

I have only done one ‘MultiBurnLabel’ and what I did was to burn the first time with the brightness adjusted as -10% and then at 0% and the third time I made the image 10% brighter …

This gave a more ‘3-D / Layered’ image since each layer of ‘black’ was less of an area being burned…

What do you do?

The only multi burn I have done so far is to add extra info to a lable.

I had a contents list that I left some thigs off of so I just created a new part to the lable without any of the old information and fed it all through the burner again. This adds the new content to the pre-existing lable.

If you leave an area as white then it will not be burnt so you can add to that area next time or it will leave the lable under the white part untouched.

Other than the press release does anybody know when the ‘Sliver’ and ‘Colored[not full color but from what I read their should be three new duo tone colors + silver and the current copper/gold]’ image discs will be for sale?

Pricing notice:
HP Lightscribe Media
Buy one get one free at your local ‘OfficeMax’ store the week ending 01/27/06.

Thats a great deal for Lightscribe media, the only problem is that HP media is horrible, but you will get a nice label. MCC (Verbatim, also sells Lightscribe media, I would recommend that.)

Drive Recorded on = HP DVD740I/b [LG GCA-4166B]
Drive Scanned on = NEC ND-3540A Modified Firmware 1.W8

Media = HP DVD+R 8X 15 Pack
Purchased from ‘OfficeMax’ 01/22/2006
$19.99 + One Free = 30 Disc or $0.67 Each
UPC = 6_37668_02048_6 / LDR00092XM / MFG - Taiwan


just curiosity because i have no LS drive, is there any visible deterioration in burning quality when you burn you picture (or whatever) on the top side?

I am unsure how one would go about testing for your question…??? :confused:

The disc’s are basically the same as the early and still used two sided disc… meaning that in my nonscientific test the LIGHTSCRIBE disc is about half the thickness of a sheet of paper thicker than a non-LIGHTSCRIBE disc… so burning the label should not effect the recording side at all?!?

I tried to scan the discs that I used and the scanner just could not pick up the difference in the image…


It seems that the “HP” discs that I have burn an image ‘DARKER’ on one pass than the “Verbatim” discs??

The test image was the “GEARS” from the ‘’ image library.

Here is two images from a disc that I did a multi-burn on… and yes the image was much darker!
Media used was HP 8X that I posted the data side burn on listed above…
First image was the first burn and the second image was a second burn on the same disc/media… The only thing that I did was to save the image for web at 350pixels wide orignal was 1700pixels and too large to be posted.

How strange…

Now that I have owned the drive for a few weeks now it seems that I am getting better quality scans ‘IF’ I burn the label side first and then burn the data side…

On the average if I burn the data side first with no image the quality scan is in the 90->93% range but it seems that if I burn the image side first and then the data side the quality scan in in the 95->99% range.


Pricing notice:
HP Lightscribe Media

$8.99 at your local ‘OfficeMax’ store the week ending 02/19/06

I have had a terrible time with Verbatim CD-R 52x lightscribe media. More than 50 percent of the 30 piece cake box I bought recently fails to recognize let alone burn a light scribe label. Yes, the data burn is just fine, but when I turn it over to burn the label it sits and churns for several minutes and then tells me no lightscribe media is present.

I have very few problems with Verbatim DVD media. The CR-R media just appears to be crap. I have tried Memorex CD-R media and so far no problems.

I have repeatedly contacted Verbatim about this issue and they simply do not respond.

Yes, I do multi burn lightscribe media. When I have spare time at home I go ahead and burn my logo on the media twice at best quality. Then, when I need to burn something for a client all I do is label it using a single line around the inside of the CD or DVD and that label only takes a few minutes to burn. Burning the logo one time takes between 17 and 20 minutes a burn.

There is a new update for the LightScribe at “” have you tried it?

I have not done any CD’s yet as I have yet to have a paper labeled CD not play in a cd player… which is why I went with the lightscribe drive for my DVD’s


Update: LS_Update_1.4.67.1_.exe

I am aware of the new host software, but I have been told by Verbatim that the problem with their CD-R media is firmware in the LG burner. I finally spoke with someone at the LG customer non-service department and at first he tried to act like the problem did not exist and then played dumb about any firmware upgrades to address the specific problem correctly identifying the Verbatim 52x CD-R media. I get fine results with Memorex CD-Rs, but they are very hard to find where I am.

I hope LG wakes up and gets something done about this issue.