General impression on the 5005, good and bad

My general impression with these 5005s is that they are the best DVD recorders you can buy for around $150 US or less (CompUSA had it for $100, after $70 mail in rebate sale this past Sunday 2/20/05).

However, I think LiteON is pushing the envelope or the limit and capability of the underlying processors and that there are many little faults associated with the recorder.

Here are the good:

  • inexpensive and quality is good (vs other low cost recorders)
  • Allwrite DVD +/- RW
  • with new 1098 firmware, the compatability is good across most DVD players
  • I think only LiteON and it’s OEM recorders (iLO and others) can be hacked to be Macrovision free.
  • firmware upgrade is fairly easy for most and are fairly frequent to be useful
  • many recording modes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 hour

Here are the bad:

  • created DVD menu kind of minimal and plain (vs Panasonic for example)
  • mono tuner and no digital audio
  • records in Mpeg 2.0 instead of Dolby digital 2.0
  • no editing function (eg edit out commercials)
  • timer recording limited to 5 slots/programs
  • no automatic clock sync with tuner as in most US VCRs
  • no closed caption play back on 5005 itself

bad processing/firmware resulting in:

  • clock too inaccurate and gains about 5 sec/day.
  • green hue/tint is present for most if not all
  • jittering problem for some
  • DVD recorded has audio sync off after about 2 hours
  • DV IN causes audio monitor problem but resulting DVD created audio is Okay.
  • Sometimes DV IN freezing (‘stopping’ displayed’) after prolong or loss of DV input.

I think your summary includes all important points. Thought, I doubt that some problems like greenish tint can be fixed by firmware, but I really wish they could. That is the only item that really bothers me.



which of these problems have been resolved by firmware? I’m trying to find info on existing lipsync problems with liteon recorders, but I’m finding it tough to find anything.


no closed caption play back on 5005 itself

Give the 5005 a break, reagon free, MV free, AllWrite, features many others do not have.