General guidelines for creating images?

I am about to create images of my cd/dvd collection. I am using the free version of Alcohol 52%. Hopefully I do not have to look up a how-to guide for every version of every copy protection I come across. Surely there are some general guidelines I can go by to configure Alcohol correctly for each disc.

And what about non-game discs? All I really know how to do is use BurnOut or ProtectionID which only show game disc protections as far as I know. How do I know what protection non-game discs use and how to back them up?

Unfortunately any disc can have a different protection schematic. There are about six or seven in general for cd-roms. You would require to scan the disc first with scanning tools, then use the appropriate schematic in Alcohol.

Will all the presets in alcohol generally cover everything I need to back up or is it not that simple? I guess I’ll just rely on the presets and later when I am using the images if I come across some that don’t work I’ll learn how to create the specific images correctly.

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