General firmware update question



I have a pioneer DVR-108. I am having trouble making it switch to DMA mode in device 1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and all that good stuff to make it stay on DMA but it stays on PIO. As a result, it takes too long to burn disks, both CD and DVD. I am attempting to update the firmware to see if this could resolve it. However, I am unsure exactly how this is done. I have gone to the pioneer website and downloaded their official firmware. I saved it and tried to run their provided upgr108.exe. When I run it, I get a C:\ prompt window that says the following:
/// ODD Firmware Update Utility Ver2.23B
Available target is not found.

I also get a pop-up that says Available target is not found.
So I click OK and that is all that happens.
So instead of saving it, I try to run it directly from the website. It asks where to install it and I am not sure. Where exactly would the firmware be installed in order for the drive to update.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Replace the IDE cable.


I can replace the IDE cable and see if this solves the problem, However, I am not sure if I need to because this is a brand new computer (2 months old). My dvd drive burned normally on my old computer (stayed on DMA). But still, I can try a new cable as they are not too expensive.


I have bought a new IDE cable and put it into the computer and it still takes the same amount of time to burn (much too long).
I was wondering if I need a “80-conductor Ultra DMA/UltraATA Dual Hard Drive Cable” instead.
If anybody has any idea, please let me know as I have yet to find an answer. Thanks.


This drive requires such an 80 wire cable.
A new computer already should come with such…


Okay, so my new computer does already come with an 80 wire. I have tried to put my Pioneer DVD Burner as Master and the regular as Slave, pioneer as slave and the regualr cd drive as master, and I have tried both as cable select, once with the pioneer at the end of the cable and once with the cd drive at the end. Neither of these methods have made my Pioneer DVD Burner stay on DMA mode. Any suggestions?

By the way, I guess this thread no longer falls into a firmware question anymore. I wanted to update my firmware in hopes that it would fix the DMA problem. If it would not affect DMA/PIO mode, a mod. or whomever can move this thread into the the correct area. Thanks.


Put them on different cables/channels.


I finally got my drives to stay in DMA mode. YEAH!!! I had to reset the NVRAM in my computer, just move the pins over, and then move them back into their original spot. Thanks for your help though chef. As for my firmware problem, I did not realize that I had a pioneer A08 XL drive. In nero tools it only shows the 108 and not the xl. I noticed this when I was messing with the cables. Thanks again.


All 108 drives will report as DVR-108. :wink: