General firmware questions



hello all i have some questions concerning updating firmware for dvd players in general , is there any universal programming that could be used to update codecs in general. now im sure there are some barriers with different brands of dvd players but the ones with updatable firmware or flash memory or w/e do they use just about the same coding to update their firmware or how would I go about reading firmware updates to get an idea of how they are programming is there anyway for me to view their programming???

thanks James White


What “dvd players” do you mean?


specifically the Philips dvp 642 . Has any1 sucessfully updated their firmware to play different codecs? or is there a specific dvdplayer that allows the firmware to be updated and the types of codec the dvd player can play???



im trying to find a dvd player that i can update codecs on very easily and effectivly , as i would like to be able to do this task frequently


The generic flash EEPROM stuck onto dvd or cd-rom units today are rated 10k-100k write/erase cycles thus you should not be updating firmware frequently.

For you “view thier programming”, I would not even attempt to do this unless you have knowledge of hardware level programming. This is generally assembly however would differ with the microprocessor the dvd or cd-rom is using.


Ryu Nguyen is correct.