General Election 2005 - British Voters!

To all those Brits out there waiting for the election results, who did you vote for, or who would you have voted for? I’d like to see who the CDfreaks fraternity would put into power!

As for myself, it was an easy choice - Conservatives all the way! I’m a true blue, no matter how their image may be right now.

I now declare voting officially open! Let’s have a high turn-out please! :bigsmile:

EDIT: of course there’s no stopping other nationalities from voting, but please only do so if you actually know / care about the election in Britain!

Conservatives all the way!

You’re mad! j/k

if i were on the electoral register (meaning if i could be arsed to fill the form out, and therefore letting debt collectors from the past know where i live :eek: ) i’d probably have voted lib dems, anyway its a forgone conclusion labours won… again, the cons were unellectable, and the lib dems… well people were too scared the cons would get in if they didnt vote labour.

just my opinion :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately the result would seem to be a formality, but i can see Conservatives eating into the Labour majority!

And even though Lib Dems are doing well, and many people agree with their policies in theory, it’s not the same as putting them into practice! The Torys are unpopular because their policies aren’t as idealistic, but i would say they are more practicable!

Labour can’t be trusted under Blair; i’m hoping Brown (with back-bench labour support) will take over the leadership once Labour are confirmed back in government. :slight_smile:

Tax the rich!!!



Tinkered with your poll :stuck_out_tongue:


i vote for Airhead & the cdfreaks raving loony party.

i didnt vote in the general election & until the option to vote for a [b]hung parliment[/b] is included then i wount bother.

Wow, what an improvement to the poll :stuck_out_tongue:

Scottish National Party

I am just amazed that EVERYWHERE I go online ppl are talking bout the elections. I really didn’t think ppl cared that much. It is good for me to see.

I am in the states and as I am sure most ppl know our system is, well it is scary as ass. I love history and politics, and from Europe it’s even better.

I glad that so many ppl care about this and will give their opinions in so many places. Should be a good election. I think I will go read the news to catch up on it now.

British National Party.

They have some damn good policies, despite all the bad press.

The running of people’s countries is quite an important thing…i’d be worried if they weren’t interested in elections & politics! :slight_smile:

“If you don’t do politics, there’s not much you do do!” lol

i voted for other … being Dee and Norty i’m sure we would run the country well :wink: free toys for all :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the obligations on people living in democracies should be to vote, people who dont vote should have their right to vote permanently removed. Evil thrives when good men do nothing. I voted and thankfully got our nice conservative MP back with an increased majority.

For those that care here are my views on politics in the UK.

The most important things the exasperates me beyond belief about the government is its inability to understand;

The government is the servant of the people, it is not the master of the people.

The current breed of dishonest, arrogant, and self servicing politicians forget this. They are only interested in more and more intrusive controls into peoples lives so that people feel start to feel the need for it which is what the filthy Labour party has been doing.

I dont want to say pay tax at 25% and then get 5% credited back less the cost of administering it etc. I want to be charged 20% in the first place. [simplified] Labour campaigned saying that the torrys would abolish tax credits as though there was something wrong with it, which a lot of people seemed to believe because they don’t seem realise that you get rid of the need for it by not taking it from you in the first place.

You take someone else’s human rights away, you lose yours, simple as that. You take away someone’s life your lose the right to yours.

Unemployment; The government says it ahs reduced unemployment by say 100,000. What it means is it has created 100,000 new, otherwise unemployable, civil servants.

Only tax payers (and retired tax payers who have contributed and earned the right to vote) should be allowed to vote. After all they are the people who have to ultimately pay for these things. Possibly people should be given a number of votes in proportion to how much tax they pay? I dont like the idea of an unemployable scoundrel telling me I should pay him more of my hard earned money!

Although having said that a measure of how civilised your society is, is how you treat the most unfortunate members of it.

Education; The government says it wants to get 50% of people to have a university level education!?! I doubt 50% of the population is capable of completing, to a sufficient standard, a worthwhile degree. There is perpetual worrying about funding in higher education, well there is a simple solution, you stop spending money on worthless things like media studies degrees, and third rate establishments. We need scientists and engineers, not people with degrees in media studies, and popular culture degrees. We need plumbers not people with worthless degrees from even more worthless “educational” institutions merely to satisfied the egos of politicians who can say they have satisfied there fiddled statistics, and they are helping society.

Public services, I dont want my money as a tax payer going into things I dont use. If i use something I should have to pay for it at the point of use. I pay to license my car every year that notionally goes to building and maintaining roads fair enough (Not the best example because I is not proportional to use/damage/cost).

Local tax now, this pays for having my rubbish collected, fire cover, social services, planning authority, etc. and a swathe of fourth rate otherwise unemployable local government bureaucrats.

Having my rubbish collected costs X amount, fire cover costs Y and administering these costs Z this is a set figure, this is in no way necessarily related to the value of the property I am living in.

Government run AID etc.

The government should have absolutely no right to spent tax payers money on foreigners like subsidies and aid to other countries. As a matter of principle, it is utterly wrong for a government to use money forcibly obtained form its citizens in way that does not benefit them. Particularly to make them selves look go. If they want to do that they can use their own money. If I want to give my money to help needy people that is my personal decisions and mine alone.

This also covers government cancelling third world debt it is not theirs to cancel. Analogy;

I am sent tones of junk mail asking my if I want another credit card, say I am stupid enough to get one and spend more money on it than I can afford to, and ratchet up debts that I then decide I cant afford to pay. This is my fault. If i dont there are unpleasant consequences. There is no reason why I should just have my debit cancelled.

Prison and prisoners. Prisoners should be put to work (and/or educated). Locking people up is expensive, and anything that helps to mitigate this cost by getting the to do something constructive instead of locking them up all day has got to be worth while.


If you want to come into my country, you have to bring something worthwhile with you eg. if you are a doctor, and we are short of doctors. Also you have to speak English, and become culturally British. Multi racism is not a problem multi cultralism is and is very divisive. Political correct BS clouds the two by branding the latter rascist. Walking into a shop in London and finding the shop keeper doesn’t speak English, and doesn’t owe their first allegiance to the country is not acceptable. The current breed of politicians are too spineless to do anything about this.

The Houses of Parliament

I very much liked the idea of the old house of Lords, a large proportion of who were there because of whom they were, they were there, and that was that. They had no interest in fiddling the figures, or mortgaging the future of the country to buy their re-election, like the current chancellor Gordon Brown is doing, because they don’t have to worry about that. They simply there to act in the country’s best interest. With the check that they could be over ruled eventually by the elected house, it has worked remarkably well for the last several hundred years.

I’d have to agree with the jist of what you’re saying (maybe not every word!)…and that is that British politics these days doesn’t want to face issues head on…going hand in hand with the idea of “Political Correctness”, which basically amounts to trying not to upset anyone, even if it costs the country as a whole! Too many politicians try to please people by offering the world, instead of saying what can be achieved and what is in the country’s best interests, as well as the individual’s.

Conservatives were the only straight-talking party in my view, and because they didn’t have the idealism of the other parties, they lost out. But what’s the point of being very idealistic if you can’t deliver…

SNP scottish republic the royals are the biggest state scrongers of all :iagree:

Womble, prepare the coupe! I will be joining you for the takeover shortly, and once I am in power I will declare the forming of the new UKKR, United Kingdom Knnnigghet Republic (off with her majestys head!)!

With a staggering 40% support I will surely become a popular leader!

LMAO … you can’t go against the will of the people! :wink: Any idea as to what your new title will be, as head of the UKKR? :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG! We’re going to be assimilated into the collective. :bow: :bow: :bow: