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I’m using a liteon ldw-811s (hsoq firmware) combo burner, and i have sonic mydvd, nero express, recordnow dx, VSO divx-to-dvd, and CDBurner XP pro 3…

my stand alone dvd player is a panasonic S25…

my problem probably originates from lack of knowledge, but let me try to sum it up…

i had a film, a dvd rip in xvid, and i converted it to vob files with VSO divx-to-dvd, then burned it with nero express on verbatim dvd-r 8x discs (the panasonic dvd player says it recognizes dvd-r and NOT dvd+r)…

the disc was a coaster; i tried 3 more times, and neither the dvd player nor my liteon would play it…

when i burned the vob files with CDBuner XP pro, the liteon would play it, audio and all, but the panasonic stand alone dvd player wouldn’t…still says it will not recognize this type of disc…

i tried to burn a video cd (using memorex cd-r) with sonic mydvd and then recordnow dx, but they wouldn’t play on the panasonic (they would play on the liteon drive, with no audio)…

so, does anyone have any experience with what media will work with the panasonic s25 player?

and, is there any software modifications i can make with the liteon drive to improve ‘compatibility’ with the panasonic dvd player?

are there better authoring/burning apps to use?

should i just buy a new dvd player? :confused: if so, what brand/model has a good reputation for media compatibility?

thanks for any help anyone can provide…


Since you have a lite-on drive, try running KPROBE on the burned DVD and see what the pi/po errors look like. The media you are using should be of sufficient quality.


Looks like media incompatability issue there to me. Maybe people on this forum who know what media would work fine with your player will help you.

If you do buy a new player then I can recommend the Philips DVP624 DVD player. It plays everything I throw at it (DVD-+RW). It even playes MPEG 4 so you wont need to convert your Xvid files to DVD anymore just burn them to disc as data and away you go.

Check this link out:


thank you both for your replies…

i’m going to look at a new dvd player…this one was a gift…

as far as kprobe goes, i read that combo drives like the lite-on ldw-811s aren’t good as ‘readers’ and therefore not reliable for this type of scan? is this true?

and i’m scanning this verbatim dvd-r with the movie burned on to it and it’s taking over an hour so far…is this right? do kprobe scans take this long? what am i really measuring and how do i decipher the results?

i’m not really sure how to read these scans yet, or really understand too much of the terminology, but i’ll post the results anyway, just in case it might be of interest to anyone else…

thanks again…


a quick update… after some experimentation, i burned several disks that will play in the lite-on drive, but still none that will play in the panasonic s25 stand alone dvd player…

i updated the firmware for the lite-on ldw-811s from hsoq to hsor, which was supposed to improve media compatibilty…then burned a disc (verbatim dvd-r), played in lite-on and not the panasonic…

after fw update, was able to change the book type on a dvd+r disk (hewlett packard) to dvd-rom, and that also wouldn’t play on the panasonic…

then i burned a dvd-r (which the dvd player is supposed to play) with the updated firmware AND after resetting the eeprom (with utility from this forum), and STILL no luck with the panasonic…

so, at this point, would you say it’s most likely that the panasonic s25 just will not ever support any of the verbatim, memorex or hp media i’ve used and i should get a new dvd player?

or is there any other final measures i might take before doing that?


I was just going to tell you to bit set your drive to DVD-Rom but it looks like you beat me to it. Before throwing it in the trash, I would try some known good media. The only one I’ve seen you mention that is decent is the Verbatim. Memorex is junk unless you have a new tub that is made in India. If so, then that media is Moser Baer which is damn good media. If it’s made in Taiwan it’s most likely CMC Mag which personally I wouldn’t touch. So my answer is if the Mem. is made in India, it’s time for the dump. If not, then I’d give it one more shot with some TY’s bit set to DVD-Rom. Also DL DVD Infopro to verify your media. This is a freebe and a good program. Also you may want to try DVD+R’s bit set to Rom. And that’s about all you can do. Good Luck



Yo Sportsmell-

Good advice Bra-

Only confusing part is “If the Mem. is made in India, it’s time for the dump” -

Don’t you really want to say that “if the Memorex media is made in Taiwan - then it’s time for the dump”

If not - go take another smart pill- and go back to your yak piss cooled HP-



[QUOTE=bigmike7]Yo Sportsmell-

Good advice Bra-

Only confusing part is “If the Mem. is made in India, it’s time for the dump” -

Don’t you really want to say that “if the Memorex media is made in Taiwan - then it’s time for the dump”

Hey Satch… No ya Dip $h_t I do mean exactly what I said. You must be dipping into my pills. If the Mem is made in India it is time for the dump. The standalone that is ya putts. Nice hearing from ya. :iagree:



the verbatim 8x dvd-r media came up as Mitsubishi Chemical Corp (MCC) on the kprobe scan…

so i should be looking for verbatim that is actually TY media right?

or TY direct media? this would be better than verbatim/mcc?

and give this a try right?


Yo aenio-

Hey don’t mind Sportsmell and me - we’re always at it with each other-

If you want to get some real Grade A Taiyo Yuden - go to and look them over - suggest that you may want to start off at 50 pcs-

Also suggest - that before you do anything - take one of those Verbatims that you burned and try them on several of your friends DVD players - it could just be the Panasonic - I have found that my gool 'ole JVC progressive scan will play damn near anything-


btw - Verbatim does not come as Taiyo Yuden - but Fuji does (ONLY if Made In Japan is on label)-
However - there have been more than a few folks that have had burning issues with the Fuji MIJ discs-

also - it is a well known fact that Sportsmell smokes a lot of hemp - if you get my drift - eh?


OK Satch. There’s a limit to our fun. Now tell the real truth in that your not just snorting white salt out there in the Bay Area.:bigsmile:


i hear there are dvds that are made entirely of hemp and white salt…they “burn” real nice, are biodegradable, and are especially good at burning flicks like 'fast times at ridgemont high", “harold and kumar go to white castle”, and “the stoned age”…

btw, thnx for the help guys…appreciate it…


Your very welcome for any help but don’t forget Up in Smoke but I think Satch was more into Scar-Face :iagree: Welcome to the forum.




If you don’t want to wait for your mail order dvd’s go to best buy and get some Fuji that are made in Japan. They were on sale last week $19.99 for 50, still might be on sale.

Pasts posts suggest some occasional quality issues, but this media is still very good made by TY.

The quaility debate is not whether the media is good or not, it’s just whether its great or fantastic when it comes to quality scans. This shouldn’t be a factor as to whether you dvd player can play it.


aenio… I’m in the process right now to determine if Bobs statement above is true. I got in on a Best Buy Blunder 4 or 5 months ago and got a ton of the Fuji M.I.J. TY’s. Like 800 of them. I also just received a 100 tub of TY’s from which are the real deal. Will advise and post the tests if there is any major difference. Then you can make up your own mind.



Yo Sportsmell-

Thought you were hiding that hoard of discs from your Better Half in “B” boxes all around town - eh?

Light another one up for me Bra and pass it - eh?



Hey Satch… You really have to stop snorting that nasty powder crap Dude and get off of your fairy tale talk, get off your A$$ and get that BQ smoking instead of collecting dust.


hey Sportfish, I’d be real interested to see what you come up with regarding the TY and the Fuji media…

in the meantime, I’ve given several friends copies of those dvds i burned to see if they’ll work in their players…i just have this funny feeling that this one friend’s Apex dvd player, which was like 40 bucks at Target, will play it…up until now, it’s played everthing put in it…if there was a slot for 8-track tapes i bet it would play those too…


the apex dvd player won’t play any of my discs…so it might be something i’m doing after all, although like i said, they’ll play on the lite-on drive i burned them with…

i’ll see what kind of luck other people have…


Hey aenio… Just thought of something. Is your drive set to DMA? It must be set to that and NOT PIO!!! Go into device mgr. and check it out. If it states PIO, ya probably just found your problem.