General Dumb Question

Hi. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
Using a 4.7GB blank, I can set my 5006 to use the blank as a 1,2,3,4 and 6 hour disc. Obviously the quality will decrease for the longer times. My question is if I set the recorder up to utilise the 4 hour mode and I then set the timer to record say 4hrs and 5 mins. what will happen after 4 hrs. recording? I ask the question because a 4 hr video tape usually gives you 4hrs + a few minutes, which allows for you to cater for any tv program overruns. I realise I could try it but maybe somebody knows.


Few questions are dumb - we all have to learn. I would advise that you try and make your title a little more meaningful e.g. “Will a DVD record more than 4 hours in 4 hour mode”. It helps us target replies more effectively.

Actually you will get around 4 hrs 5 mins on a DVD. With a DVD RW this is not an issue as disks do not need to be finalised. I am not sure if this is a problem with +/- R dsks (i.e. not RW).

I add a word of caution though about recording to a disk limit.

Depending on the quality of the actual DVD you may have difficulty in recording a full four hours anyway. A DVD is recorded in the opposite direction to a good old fashioned vinyl LP i.e from the middle to the edge.

In practice, most write failures tend to occur near the extreme outside edges. For this reason I try and avoid recording the last 200 MB or so. In practice, I would only record for about 3.5 hours.

In fact, if I record a 2 hour program, I tend to use 3 hour mode etc. but you will lose a bit of quality but even 3 hour mode is still better than a good VCR.

I also have a PVR and so if I have a recording which I want at top quality and it will fill a DVD, I make sure I record it on the PVR and the DVD at the same time.

Then if I get a disk failure I can re-copy it from the PVR at a later time.

I think all recording modes give you a few more minutes. I THINK 4 hour mode gives you 7 extra minutes.

Doesn’t your liteon feature flexible recording ? I have a good old Toshiba DR4 and when I set my timer recording I use flexible recording so it automatically adjusts the bitrate given the time of the recording. The time you can put on a disc for each recording mode will vary from dvd recorders. Example, on the toshiba, SP mode uses a bit rate of 4.6 while on some other dvd reocrders they will use 4.8 or higher. You have to always refer to your manual for your specific recorder. My dvd recorder features a REMAIN function that tells me how much space/time is left on my disc for a given recording mode, even before recording - does your liteon supports that function ? If so this will answer your question :smiley:

On LiteOn recorders, the remain function only works after you start a recording.