General discussion topic about SSDs

It’s not available here.

How about a Samsung 970 evo, or evo plus?

Samsung 970 Evo 500GB and 970 Evo Plus 250GB are available.

Reasonable priced or much more than you expected to pay?
If you consider it reasonably priced. You won’t disappointed with it.

For sure more expensive than 870 Evo 2.5" SSDs. I suppose reasonably priced depends on performance too.

I assume you mean the 970 QVO SATA SSD?
If so. There is a world of difference in performance and write endurance between the 970 Evo / Plus NVMe and the 970 QVO. The 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD has TLC NAND, whilst the 970 QVO has QLC NAND.

The 860 EVO SATA SSD has TLC NAND, and would be a safer choice if you must go SATA.

Never seen a 970 QVO SATA-SSD, mabe you mean a 870 QVO?

860/870 Evo are very good SATA-SSDs, I have both in 1TB/2TB.

And Kyrcy wrote all other SSDs I would recommend are more expensive than the Samsung Evo

Arghh yeah
I totally misread it.

The Samsung 870 EVO does seem like a very good choice.
Good price as well.


Just like shopping MID codes on CD-R DVD-R and I imagine “Branded” optical Blu-media as well. Having that info shared on those SSDs just as we used to do with MIDs on Optical would be, maybe good, eh?

Maybe something in the Bargain Basement Section would be helpful, as this is likely to be similar to the great “Hunt for the (current) Golden MID Code Bargain,” and the, “What dirve is it REALLY” discussions. of yore.

Yar mateie! Hoist the mast. Weight the anchor. We’re headed into un-charted waters, adn the risks will be monumental! Butohhhh the bounty - the bounty is SO FAST compared to DL-DVD-R!

Which would you choose between Samsung 870 EVO 2.5’’ and Crucial MX500 2.5’’ and why?

Same/very similar price? 870 EVO

It´s only a bit faster but I read in some fora that the actual MX500 is build “cheaper” than the older versions, some guys broke the SATA-connection.

MX500 is about 10% cheaper for the 250GB and 20% cheaper for the 500GB.

OK, it depends on what you would spend.

Like, I said, speed differences are small in normal use.

Both Samsung and Corsair have a 5-year warranty. Is Corsair as reliable as Samsung?

IMHO not.

Had 1 totally defect Corsair-SSD, was the most expensive SSD I ever bought and the highest series of Corsair. Get a new one in the warranty-time, this SSD still work. Service was very good because it was a complicated problem.

An other Corsair-SSD I have make problems since years, SMART-parameter 01 Raw Read Error decreased fast and SSD getting significanly slower, but Corsair said because it still works it would not replaced. It was one of the first SSD with SK Hynix NAND, SK Hynix isn´t known for best reliability till 2day.

Which Corsair-SSDs you mean?

ATM Corsair-SATA-SSDs are vanished here in Germany, only the very old LS 120GB is in stock at 2 shops

I meant Crucial and not Corsair.

OK, but you wrote Corsair.

Nobody made reliability-tests with these actual models, in the past Samsung-NAND survived more write cycles than Micron-NAND.

5 year warranty is just one condition, the other is TBW (Total/Tera Bytes written), depends also on the capacity of the SSD, example:


MX500: 180TBW
870 EVO: 300TBW

OK, have to say it´s hard for a normal user to wrote so much data, but it gives a better feeling to have more reserve :wink: