General discussion topic about SSDs

Some ppl started a war against DRAM-less SSDs, these ppl are active in many fora, and write it so often that many ppl believe it.

I had a discussion with one of them because I said “Yes, I prefer a DRAM-less Adata SU650 for my usecase because it´s much faster (about 3x at copying some hundred GB) than a Samsung 860 QVO”. He stopped wrote again to me after this.

I have over 50 SSDs, many generations, more brands, MLC, TLC, QLC, DRAM and DRAM-less, I´m not a beginner at this :wink: . With controllers from Sandforce, Phison, SMI, Marvell, Samsung, JMB, even some exotic like LAMD and Alcor.

From Adata I have only 3 SSDs, all SATA. But I think the product name should change if essential components are changed.

That pissses me off too - but also WD does this degenerated play, see

That is exactly the disgust of this time. Propagated in the 30s by Goebbels, nowadays by Trump, Erdogan and other morons!

“Repeating the lie…”

I used only Samsung 2.5" SSDs, but these were expensive to buy. What other brands and SSDs cost less these days, but are still worth considering?

It maybe depends on your country.

here in Germany often SSDs like the Crucial MX500 and Sandisk Ultra 3D or the very similar WD Blue 3D are cheaper.

But WD is known for this since 20 years. I remember the many different WD-JB oder BB-series which were very different but the general name was the same; but the last digits after BB/JB were different. Problem: Only a few shops show these last digits.

And the cheap SSD from WD/Sandisk, Green and Plus, also available with different components. So Kingston do with the A400, and Patriot maybe with a lot of models.

Crucial MX500, Sandisk Ultra 3D and WD Blue 3D are more expensive here than Samsung 870 EVO. Are there any other choices?

Do you have any list, maybe from a price comparison like this?

I don’t have a list, I am asking if there is a specific brand or SSD that stands out from the rest.

It isn´t so easy to pick a brand. Samsung, Crucial/Micron, Intel, Kioxia, WD/Sandisk and SK Hynix are the brands which manufactures most/all of the components or at least the NAND. Intel and Kioxia focussed much more to Enterprise and NVME-SSDs, SK Hynix isn´t really available here in Germany.

And these good ones also had in the past SSDs which were not so good. Crucial V4, Samsung 840 Basic/EVO, Intel 520 etc.

This shows it´s not only the brand which shows the quality, it also depends on the model.

All other brands don´t manufacture the NAND, they buy from Micron, Intel, Kioxia etc., or lower quality-NAND like Spektek and use mostly a cheaper controller. The quality dffers more here.

What about brands like Patriot, PNY, ADATA, Kingston?

All of them have to buy the components because they don´t manufacture it.

Patriot is known for using very different components in their SSDs, so they don´t write detailed specs on the website. Even in one series are different components possible. Same for Kingston, Adata, PNY.

Except the Kingston KC600 I don´t know one actual SSD of these brands which is a competitor to a 870 EVO, MX500.

PNY have a good reputation for NVME-SSDs but their SATA-SSD CS900 is below midrange.

If you don´t need a SSD which is so fast like a 870 EVO a Adata SU800 would be also a good choice but i´s here more expensive than better SSDs.

ADATA Ultimate SU800 is more expensive than Samsung 870 EVO.

Same for other very good SSDs like the Seagate Barracuda 120, Gigabyte UD Pro, Teamgroup T-Force Vulcan (not Vulcan G, awful SSD) are more expensive than the Samsung and the MX500 or 3D

There are some, but depending on what you are willing to pay and what speeds/reliability you want to achieve…

For real it’s stupid to compare 2,5" SSD with SSC/SSM, also stupid to compare consumer SSD with those for datacenter/professional use, also stupid to really compare speeds from PCIe 3.x and 4.x SSD not mentioning their TBW and warranty states.

He wrote he will pay less than a Samsung costs.

It´s hard to find something like this if the SSDs which are similar all cost more in his country.

Stands where??

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I was quoting another post in that topic.

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What now about your fave SSDs?

Mine are from Kingston, Corsair, Samsung and Patriot.

Mainly I favour the M.2 NVMe 1.3 hardware (gen3), gen4 is not really worth without the mainboards etc. supporting it really and fully.

Sabrent’s NVMe drives are pretty decent.

On another subject.
I personally wouldn’t buy a DRAMless SSD. It’s not just about performance. A good amount of DRAM and a well written firmware can also increase NAND endurance.

Sabrent’s NVMe drives are top-of-the-line excellent, and so are the WD Black 850 nvme ssds.