General Conversion Help

Well, I have several avi files, some divx some xvid, some others, I’m not completely sure. I just recently bought a dvd burner, made some succesful image copies, however I still have some movie files that I would like converted over to whatever it needs to be to be playable on my stand-alone system. It has no problems playing VCD’s and SVCD’s, it also succesfully plays all the DVD images I have burned so far.

What I need to know is, what is the next step? I have about 20 movie files that I need converted, and I need to know which all-in-one program or something could do this. I don’t know what other formats work on my player, but I have just burned some movie files over to a cd-rom, and they didn’t work.

You would need a good video converter that you can pull in your clips/movies and create DVD files (*.VOB). I have used the Xilisoft Video Converter for this task and it seems to work pretty well. You basically just pull in your AVI, Mpeg files and convert them to a VOB file which is:

Mpeg2 compression
720 X 480 resolution
Min bitrate: 6000
Max bitrate: 9000
Audio at 48K sampling rate, 16 bit resolution

Once the VOB is created just create a New DVD-Video disc in nero and pull in your newly created VOB file. Burn the disc and you should be ready to go.

If you want to get fancy and create your own menus, scene selections, special features, ect… then you will need DVDLAB. I have this program and it’s great. You can create very good DVDs with this application and it will even allow you to pull in MPEG audio/video files and create a disc.

Here are some links for you to check out:
Video converter that I have used ($35.00)

DVDLAB ($100~$200)