General consensus on Prodisc

Okay, I know Prodisc isn’t the greatest media in the world. I’ve recently started buying top grade media, I use YUDEN000T02 for DVD+R, MKM001 for DVD+R DL, and TY for CD-Rs. But I do have a couple spindles left over from before I started buying this media.

What I’m wondering is how good are my spindle of Fujifilm-branded PRODISCF02 DVD-Rs and my Maxell-branded Prodisc CD-Rs (both made in Taiwan). Like I said, I know they’re not the greatest which is why I use TY for most of my burning. But are these pure garbage? I seem to get that impression with some posts, but it don’t see how it be anywhere near as bad as Memorex media made by CMC. A lot of those CMC discs won’t even play in any equipment outside my computers, but the Prodisc ones will perfectly.

So I guess what I’m asking is even though I know they’re not top-notch, is this a matter of “yes, they’re fine for burning not-terribly-important stuff” or is it a matter of “throw them out because they’ll be dead in 6 months anyway” sort of thing? I’d like some honest, unbiased opinions.

I’d say they’re fine for not-too-important stuff, or everyday use as I tend to put it. Of course, if it’s stuff you don’t want to lose at some point, back it up to T02 or whatever.

I’ve backed up plenty of my movies on Datawrite-branded Prodisc F02 (bought for me)…but as I own the originals, I’m not terribly worried about them going South.

Having said that, they’re doing fine after a year (AFAIK - I haven’t checked them recently) :slight_smile:

I also have some Prodisc Verbatim CDRs, again fine for everyday use. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thank you very much for the reply.

That’s good to know, and actually that’s about all I use them for. I’ve got a couple DVDs I’ve backup and such, just for stuff I don’t care too much if I have to replace but can still rely on them actually working for the most part (unlike CMC). :stuck_out_tongue: And as for the CDs, if I get a new CD that I want to bring in the car, I never use the original, I make a copy for the car so the original doesn’t get wrecked.

Prodisc is good media. As long as you test it, it should be fine. There will some coasters, yes, and sometimes the errors will be in the middle of the disc instead of the end, so they can be hard to find if you don’t do a surface test or watch the entire disc from front to back.

I suggest it for something you can easily replace. Such as duplicates from a master, or as a secondary backup. Something that, should you find an error later on (assuming no testing was done), it can be easily replaced.

It’s not the greatest in terms of the little error scans you’ll see everyone’s so fond of, but I’ve rarely seen so much as a dip in a Transfer Rate test with any of my Prodisc media, and there haven’t been any big signs of degradation.

And the great thing about Fuji, they have a lifetime guarantee on all their media! I have a little spindle where I throw any bad burns I have on their media (Had a handful on FUJIFILM03), when it gets a little too full, I e-mail them for a mailing label and send it back for some replacements. So any failing Fuji disc is a free DVD-R!