General consensus on CS0T vs. CS0R vs. Lite-on BS0Y or others for 1653

I have a Lite-On 1633@1653 and after about nine months of using CS0T firmware, I don’t think I’m getting the same scans that I did when I used CS0R (and I think they were slightly better with CS0P). I also got much better scans with -R’s using the old Lite-On Stock firmware (BS0S). I don’t even buy -R disks since I’ve flashed to CS0T.

Don’t get me wrong. I have gotten some good scans with CS0T, but not lately.
I don’t think it’s the age of the drive, because I haven’t really overworked it.

I’ve also read some posts that state that CS0T causes some problems for the unit in reading disks. Can someone elaborate on this? I’ve noticed that CS0T seems to have problems reading CMC media burned at 8x, but not at 4x. Should I flashback or should I just reset the EEProm?

I’m thinking of eventually buying two drives. One for internal use and one to put into an external enclosure. I’m not sure whether I’ll get a Benq or stick with Lite-On. The constant firmware upgrades kind of makes Lite-On more fun. :wink:

I am still a happy user of the same drive and I have no problems at all with CS0T. I guess I’m one of the lucky owners of this drive. It survived trying almost all firmwares after BS0C, many CSxx and Sony BYX4 and -5 firmwares, and also a crash of a mobo and the replacement with a new one, accompanied with the change from WindowsME to XPPro gave no hassle.
But I have to admit I’m only burning +R and use almost exclusively Verbatim MCC004. I always burn movies at 4x, resulting in perfect playing dvd’s with nice 95 rated scans (cd-dvd-speed). As long as it performs the way it does now, I see no reason to replace it. If replacement should become necessary, my choice now would be one of the drives from the 6 series.
If you save your EEPROM first (to reverse your steps), you could try resetting learnt media. It might help.

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I have retired this drive a long time ago but as far as I remember, this drive always gave me its best result with MCC03 burnt at 6X and CSOP.

Well, I spoke too soon! I reset the learnt media using EEProm, and using some Sony T02 I bought about a year ago, my scan was excellent.

My next goal is to open the unit and clean the lens (and mirror?) with a q-tip and a mixture of alcohol and H20.

Should I flash the drive with one of the fastburn firmwares? The 1633s@1653s doesn’t seem to pass 8x with my +R’s even if I set it for 12x or 16x anyway.

WiltonParmenter, also try cleaning your drives lens with a brush type lens cleaning disc. Even with little use, dust and a cloudy film can cover the lens.

[B]Edit:[/B] Hehe, you beat me to it. :wink: Nice burn! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ck. Do you think I should try the CS0T fb, fbd, or fbdx firmwares?
I’m not sure I can even see anything faster than an 8x burn with this drive, and as ldw stated above, often the best scans are when the disk is burned at 4x speed.

Secondly, do you think the lens cleaning discs are better than a manual cleaning with a qtip and alcohol with water? I’ve always thought that these discs had a tendency to be too abrasive. I know that the VCR cleaning tapes used to wreak havoc with the tape heads. I always cleaned my cassette heads and capstan with a qtip and alcohol.

Btw, using the latest version of CD-DVD speed, I see that the jitter function is enabled for this unit. Is it reliable?