General Comments About Media



There´s so much media…apparently mostly of dubious quality, but it´s still a bit confusing…right?

Here is a summary…quite helpful

Maybe some other members would like to share their personal feelings about media quality…or present facts which can help us keep up with the play…



I believe Verbatim is and always has been just as good as TY.

The article is pretty good and quite informative.

I’ll just point out one thing though, in 10 years you probably won’t even have a working cd/dvd drive (would probably die by then). You also won’t have a PC with any IDE connections on the motherboard.

Blu ray and HD-DVD are already out. In about 2 years or less I bet almost everyone on this forum will have one.

I just don’t see the point in media even lasting more than 20 years. Everything will eventually be transferred to newed and higher capacity media by then.

Longevity is not a massive issue, unless we will still be using CD/DVD media in 10+ years time. Though I do think media should still be made to last as long as possible.


I cannot really agree on this :disagree: , I have audio tape/LP/VHS which are over 15+ years old of content I don’t wish to convert to whatever new format or is not available in newer formats so longevity over 20 years is very important IMO.

Also HD format drives are backwards compatible so the drives will work, but will your media? :stuck_out_tongue:


The above is quite conflicting.
Longlivity = Stability and is a massive issue.
Saying that it isn’t important means that there will be more and more cheap stuff on the market. Stuff that is supposed to last 5 years under ideal conditions (based on the manufacturers spec !) and most times fails in one or two years time.
And next you say as long as possible which you defined as not needed which means for compannies not worth to put money in.

I agree that cd/dvd probably won’t be the formats in 10 years. But still there is something like backwards compatability in some systems which might be used now and then and in that case still requires that the media can at least be back upped befor it really shows signs of support being halted.


The first few generations of CD media, designed by Taiyo Yuden (a company who I respect, and buy all my archival quality media from), actually kind of sucked; it wasn’t until around 2000 that companies started producing very high end media.

This is not true, as I can confirm myself. Mitsubishi, TDK, Mitsui and yes, even Taiyo Yuden produced some outstanding CD media prior to 2000 already. I’ll just repost the earlier mentioned example of a TDK 650MB CD-R burned in 1998 as ‘proof’: click


Count me in, with Maxell, TDK and TY CDRs from 1996-1998 that haven’t aged a bit. This was excellent stuff.
They have it all wrong: the [I]burners[/I] sucked (at least most of them).

Whatever. As most similar articles, this one is (hardly) hidden advertising, it can be summarized this way: [I]buy TY +R discs from supermediastore[/I]. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Still fighting TY zealotry I see Franck… :smiley:

TY media is excellent, but they are definitely not the only company producing quality media these days.


lol :bigsmile: - not really here, even if it sounded like, I agree. Rather, fighting advertising expertedly presented as unbiased information.

Hey, I [I]do[/I] like and use +R TY! :wink:


Me too. :iagree:

Hehehe, agreed there as well. Notice the referrers in the links too, how obvious?!

I love the way they linked to Evilboy’s TY FAQ though :bow: