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New sony ARccOS protection related question
How does anydvd deal with this protection (I know dvd decryptor inserts dummy files to replace the unreadible sectors) is it the same with anydvd…


New sony ARccOS protection

Is there another one out? or can you tell us which 1 you are talking about, they have a few of them


I have had no problems backing up resident evil apocalypse with anydvd or dvd decryptor i just wanted to know how anydvd deals with it as i know how dvd decryptor deals with it… (ie is it the same way)
btw i wrote new because it is relitivly new protection…


This is explained in the AnyDVD revision history:, 2004 09 29

  • New: Option to remove “Protection based on
    unreadable Sectors”
    If this option is checked, AnyDVD will change
    the .IFO files on the DVD in a way, that a
    copy program like Elaborate Bytes’ CloneDVD
    will not try to copy the bad sectors of a DVD
    copy protection, and will be able to successfully
    make a copy.
    This makes it possible to create backups of Video DVDs
    protected with ARccOS copy protection:
    Protected discs with this protection include
    Wrestlemania 3+4 (UK), The Mission German, Gothika
    German, and others.
    Further the protection on Puppetlock type 1-3 will be
    removed. This includes titles “Jim Knopf und Lukas,
    der Lokomotivführer”, “Urmel aus dem Eis”, “Jim Knopf
    und die Wilde 13”, “Urmel im Schloss” (all German) and
    Bad sectors will be replaced with empty sectors,
    so other copy programs (e.g., CloneCD 5, DVD Shrink,
    Nero Recode, etc.) or simple file copy with Windows
    Explorer will work, too.
    You should enable this option, if you wish to copy
    a DVD with CloneDVD, CloneCD 5 or a similar program.


Never noticed it before but thanks for clearing it up anyway…


Ha i love these two claims:

Now is that true? :stuck_out_tongue: