Gene Simmons threatens Anonymous & gets DDoS'ed again

Gene Simmons threatens Anonymous & gets DDoS’ed again.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It appears that Gene Simmons may now be in a personal war with Anonymous, the group responsible for several recent “Operation Payback” DDoS attacks against firms, corporations, and individuals engages in anti-piracy activism.

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Come on Gene. You’re 61 years old. Isn’t it about time you stopped getting angry?

This is my opinion on the future of music, even if it takes another decade or two:

[li]For new artists, they will perform locally to get themselves known and start making an income.[/li][li]To expand, they will freely distribute recordings (MP3s, etc.) to get themselves more widely known. [/li][li]Existing artists will freely distribute their music to encourage sharing to attract new fans.[/li][li]Radio will be used to help advertise their music, by playing popular songs (much like today.)[/li][li]Artists will make their money from performances, concerts, merchandise (e.g. T-shirts) and collector items (e.g. CDs)[/li][/ol]
Of course the major labels are the ones that will lose out eventually, since if the artists make their money directly from its fans, then some of the middlemen get cut out… Whoops. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime, let’s see how long the labels last trying to prevent points #2/3 above and keep up this virtual DDoS war . . .

Put it this way, if an individual artist is left with a profit of €2 per concert ticket after all other costs, has a typical concert audience of 10,000 fans and 10 concerts a year, that’s a gross income of €200,000 per annum. Of course, small public performances, selling merchandise and collector items (such as what CDs will become), will give them a little extra. This leaves them with 355 days a year to record more music, find ways of attracting fans for future concerts, relax, etc.

A few other facts worth considering:

If the labels are complaining about downloading costing jobs, just think of what iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc. are doing to high street music shops selling CDs.

If the average person decides to quit or change job, they don’t earn any money from all the years of hard work they may have carried out in that job. A well known music artist on the other hand can still earn a large income from royalties even if that person never sings or plays an instrument again. I know the music industry says “What about when they retire?” Well, the average person still needs a way to survive when they retire, e.g. pension.

What happened before the invention of the Record? Music was still produced, but the main difference was that artists made money by performing their work. Unlike today, they couldn’t make money selling recordings (lyric sheets sales was about it), they didn’t have radio to promote their work and public performance sizes were practically limited to how far away the instruments could be heard (due to no speakers.)

Is this has-been fallen into a giant crack vat or what? He ain’t talking crap to one of his bimbo groupie girls. I got 100 bucks that says the old fart Grampa Greaseface won’t be alive long enough to identify who nailed him. He needs to stick to endorsing Geritol, Depends and with playing Branson and the riverboat circuit and quit trying to score free publicity with his own popcorn farts. I can’t even believe anyone with a life listens to that Kiss band crap anyway.

Sean, I’m nor sure about #4 radio. Most radio stations play what they are told to by the station-group owners. The station-groups are being told what to play by the record labels who pay them $$$. So the RIAA and the labels will dictate what gets played on most radio and I doubt there will be many independent radio stations left sadly. At least in North America.

“The Big record company” is the part of the whole equasion that everyone, artists and fans alike that would all be FAR better off without.

And the only people who don’t agree with this are of course record company fatcats and their bought and paid for politicians.


Sean, Well said!!!

You know Gene, declaring war on the Internet is a very, very bad idea.

Seriously Gene? The internet is the “biggest thing going today” and anyone who knows anything about you knows you are always and forever trying to make a buck off the KISS name. You are NOT the only member of KISS, you are only a part of it! You did not single handed make the army what it was. It took 4 of you AND your fans! Funny thing is you are no exception to the ever progressing way of life and human nature of that progression. You are yesterdays news!
You really do think your a GOD rofl, the internet will chew you up and spit you out. NEXT…

Wow. Gene Simmons is smarter than this . . . or at least I thought he was.

[QUOTE=justcallmebob;2552504]Wow. Gene Simmons is smarter than this . . . or at least I thought he was.[/QUOTE]

Maybe he is just getting senile and confused in his old age :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :bigsmile:

Too much loud music…