Gemcraft Labyrinth

It is some time now that I’m playing this game, and I think that is quite nice :bigsmile:

At the moment I’m at Wizard Level 537, but there are people at level 1000 or more :eek:

This game is not easy at all. The first levels are quite easy, but some are very tricky, and almost impossible if you don’t reach an high enough level.

Even if I completed all levels, there are still some that are impossible to beat at full difficulty (each level can be tunes from the easiest to the most difficult level, to the endurance mode that goes until the orb is destroyed).

What makes the game pretty difficult is that each level must be “fine tuned” before to start the battle. Each win battle increase your total score, and the more you have the more you can add to capabilities, so you can get more powerful weapons or add skills like combining gems or armor destroying.

Sometimes (quite often actually) is also needed to make changes during the battle, i.e. adding more towers, or adding walls to make monsters going to a forced path (this can slow down their run and allow your weak weapons to kill them at last).

If anyone is interested, click here and start playing :bigsmile:

The premium edition gives some more weapons, but you can also play for free :iagree:

I confess that some levels was so hard that I had to “cheat”: the solution for some particularly difficult levels can be found at youtube :bigsmile:

I think I’ll never be able to reach these levels :doh:

However, I improved a bit (level 586 now)

I really have no idea how is possible to reach level 2000 in that game… I’m barely able to reach 700 :doh: