I have a voodoo2,and I think it’s time 2 upgrade… :),but now the geforce³ has come,I think the prices of a geforce² will be lower then normal,somebody knows the new pices of the whole geforce² series??? THNX


Don’t expect them to fall down in prices that quick becuz Geforce 3 costs around 30000 BEF and the other still costs around 10-20000 BEF, depends on which version you choose

A Ati Radeon 64 MB DDR, has a better price/quality than those geforce 2 cards, and is almost as fast as them, but the card of ati gives some extra’s with it.


What has been said about the ati cards are true they do have a few feature the Gforce 2 card do not i.e. Enviroment Bumpmapping, but ati driver support is a load of rubbish…


3D Prophet II MX 32 Mb. 4.995,- (-35%)



Maybe you should consider a Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 (ST MicroElectronics KYRO II). A tiling architecture 3D card that sometimes (actually most of the time) performs as good or better than the GeForces at a very low price…



What CPU do you have?
There is of course no need to buy a GeForce 2 (mx), ATI Radeon or Kyro if your CPU can not provide the data fast enough.


I bought an Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 GTS 32Mgs DDR for $200 and it rocks! I would suggest anyone to cough up the extra money to buy one of these cards… This card is supper fast compared to the 2 Voodoo2 8mgs (16mgz) I had running on 2 PCI slots…

Great thing about Elsa is they give you a 6 year warranty on the card! So if something happens to your card they replace it…

If you want an ATI card get the All-In-Wonder DDR… Offers alot more for the money and performance is pretty good…

Just my opinion…


I have an ATI Radeon 32DDR, and i’m pretty satisfied of it, but the drivers are not so good (Like Shakari said).
They have optimum performance an some games, but poor in others.
Let me say that the visul appearance is awesome!
I’ve never seen anything like QIII Arena (running on ATI) !!!


I think that Vodoo 2 can still be useful… So dont buy anything yet. Wait til The GeForce 3 prices has been pressed and then buy GF3.


DOnt wait… Just get a GeForce2 GTS card w/ 32 MG DDR and your rolling… I cant see how this card will obsolete… If you wait for the GeForce3 youll then be waiting for the GeForce4…

Get the GeForce2… Great Card and get the Elsa card unless you have money for a Hercules…


I bought a gf2 gts about 6 weeks ago and paid $200. Now with talk of gf3’ and price on internet is down to $130.00. Makes me sick, cause now I want gforce 3. Think about it though, nothing supports need for gforce 3 yet. This will be first programmable vcard however which will lay down new seeds. Every year new shit comes out though, and new reviews dog the shit you just bought, though they licked it’s ass the month before. Obviously b.s. I already see dogging of gforce 2 gts card for the pros and ultras. You know what, I don’t care. I want a gforce 3, but I don’t think waiting is worth it in my case. I am not going to sell my card just to buy some $500 video card that currently is not needed. If you have combatibility probs. with drivers get a new card now. then wait till gforce 3 comes down in price. The money saved will give you a good card for a spare or another computer down the road. Course if money is no object and you can somehow find one get a gf3 and make us all drool. Then weep 6 months later when the price drops 50% and gforce 3 ultra’s are kicking it’s ass upside down. Also I have seen gforce 2 mx’s for $50.00 and maybe that wouldset your thirst for now if you want a temp wait .