Geforce8 / "hardware decoding"

I’m confused, can anybody explain? Specifically on the geforce8, what does hardware decoding exactly mean?

Is it (a) just what we all know as hardware acceleration or dxva, namely that instead of the CPU the geforce8 GPU processes video decoding with the PowerDVD, WinDVD or whatever .ax-file codec?

Or is it (b) that the kind of information that is stored in such an .ax-file is stored in a tiny hardware chip on the gpu board aswell (or integrated into the geforce8 GPU instead of a little chip)?

If (b) should be the case, what sense does the nvidia pure video/pure HD software make??? At least in case that those include .ax codec files.

??? :confused: Is anybody out there being really deep into this?

If you go to nvidia’s site you can find an answer to all that questions.

Were you there??

I was, and if you can see usable answers to my questions there then I must be blind. I even have a geforce8 graphics card and can’t answer the question.

“NVIDIA PureVideo technology is the combination of a dedicated video processing core and software that delivers ultra-smooth, high-definition H.264, WMV, and MPEG-2 movies with minimal CPU utilization and low power consumption.”

This sentence doesn’t tell where the hardware ends and the software begins in the decoding process. I have WinDVD, which comes with Pure Video. But no NVidia decoding in Vista. Windows Media Player 11 doesn’t show anything as the working codec when playing MPEG2 video. In a DVB tool called WatchTV Pro which I use, a mysterious “default” codec is decoding DVBs video. I thought that the program means the preferred Vista Media Center codec, namely the Microsoft MPEG2 .ax-filter. But it doesn’t seem to be it, since I can switch to that Microsoft codec and then the screen is going blank.


OK, finally I got it, but not from the nvidia web-site but from the nzone web-site. So for everybody who is wondering like I was here it is: [B]Pure Video[/B] is a highly highly advanced, bombastic hardware acceleration in the GeForce GPU chip. The [B]Pure Video Decoder[/B] is software. It’s by NVidia as well and it’s a codec file, just like CyberLink’s file, plus, I guess, a player, a gui and so on. Great, now you can use the [B]Pure Video Decoder[/B] or “partner” .ax-files, which are (from your CyberLink PowerDVD installation) or (from your InterVideo WinDVD installation). These partner codecs (and the one from Nero as well) are optimized for the [B]Pure Video[/B] dxva, which, remember, is hardware. :slight_smile: