GeForce4 ti4200 - Heavy Problems

Hi all…
If anyone knows this Card? did he expirianced the Same Errors/hangs
Please help me to solve this once and for good

Every time i got my PC restarted…i states “Graphic Driver” related problem
i’ve allways keep the driver updated from the official Nvidia site…
and still nothing helps! Actually getting worst! :sad:

Well, this card is one hard to crack…
i’ve heard that the official Nvidia drivers are full of bugs, and there is other drivers especially for this card that work…

*** Any suggestions?

try using the drivers your card manufacturer recommends on their website. this will probably be an older driver that is better suited to your card.

is there any differance in the Manufacturer (“Inno3D”) drivers or the Official Nvidia Drivers?
I’ve hears about “StarStorm” Dirvers specially for this Card…

I agree with iss. If you feel the version offered by your manufacturer is to old, look at nvidia’s site (driver archives).

For WinXP/2k HERE.

For Win98/ME HERE.

Look for a WHQL qualified version (you will have to click the links to see the description).

Remember, first UNINSTALL your current/old drivers! As an additional step, after uninstalling, I recommend using THIS tool called Driver Cleaner. It will remove all the garbage left behind from previous graphics drivers, allowing for a clean driver install.

***Note: I have a Ti4400 card… and on my previous setup (Win98 w/Via 266A chipset) I could not use anything higher than 30.82. After installing XP, 40.72 worked the best for me. I now have a NForce2 motherboard, and am using 56.73 (windows default when I fresh installed WinXP w/SP2). Also, I believe 56.73 is the same as 56.72, but it includes the WDM (video tuner) drivers.

I hope this is of some help, Good Luck!

thanks Skith for usefull Links :slight_smile:
*** i’ve downloaded the official Nvidia Driver v66.76 and and it has the same problems as the previous version and the one before the previous…
Unfortunetly i still didn’t found any drivers that works fine without causing Crashes/Hangs

I had a Ti4200 and it worked best with the 28.11 drivers and this was the drivers the card manufacturer recommended even though the newest Nvidia drivers at that point were in the 40 something range. the “latest” driver is not always the best driver for older cards.

there is usually not a difference between the offical nvidia drivers and the ones that the card manufacturer has UNLESS you have a card made by a company that is not strictly a “reference design” if they have added to the standard reference design then you need their drivers. not many manufacturer’s do this but their were a few who added additional components to the board that aided in better 2D image quality yours may be one of them.

So, the recommended dirvers are the one that i got with the Card…?

What tools can i use to Overclock the GPU?