Geforce2 > Quadro2 with no pain or risks *Updated*



I just posted the article Geforce2 > Quadro2 with no pain or risks Updated.

I have successfully modified the Nvidia reference driver 14.10 WHQL so that it initialises Quadro2 features in Geforce2 cards (Not Geforce2 PRO), without the needs of ANY hard modding on your…

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Does this work on Asus GeForce 2 MX?


I don’t know. Try it, it’s just a driver so it can’t harm your hardware. But if anyone are interested i can upload some Geforce 1 modded drivers too. Or you can modify themselves with the proggie.


what about the Geforce256 ? will that work with this driver? thnx.


Bug2FIX: I can make a Geforce 256 version too. Or you can dl and do it bys.


A 256 version would be cool.


hehe, already modded my old gforce I, the hardware mod :smiley:


I have a good old GeForce256 DDR and would be interested in Win98 and Win2k versions.


I have ELSA GEforce2 GTS card and I have no clue where to begin with this… I download the drivers and the patch but what the fuck is the patch for and should I make backup of my existing drivers? :frowning: Need some help here and is this actullay worth the trouble? What am I going to benefit from doing this?


How about some windows xp drivers for GeForce 2 MX :g


hey zyron…could u help me mod a driver?? its a driver for my dsl modem…all u have to do is mod win me drivers to work on win2k…its a efficient networks speedstream 4020 modem…hey u could also mod the 4060 win2k driver to work for the 4020 on win2k…so u willing to give it a try??


yeah - i too would like to know what the benefit of doing this is; what is the difference between the two and will there be any noticable performance improvements? I have an Asus GeForce 2 MX :7


For those who don’t know, the Quadro is a card that has special features that specializes in 3D appz like 3D Studio Max. It will not make your games perform any better, but will actually degrade it slightly. But if you use 3D apps, this will give a much greater performance. You can actually modify the Detonator drivers yourself to turn you MX, GF2 and GF2Pro to a Quadro with SoftQuadro, available at:


I modded my Elsa GeForce 2MX 6 months ago the ‘hard’ way by moving 2 resistors. The card works perfect in XP, even with the drivers included in XP. As already been said: the increase in performance is only visible in 3DMax and other 3D-programs.


Yeah, but dont patch it when you are a gamer, because the patch wil slow down the speed for games :frowning:


Quadro2 is a waste of time and money, i suggest you keep your config of your gforce unless you’ve already bought a new1 -FuR1OuS of FuR1OuS Inc.


Skide godt initiv Zyron :4


I tried to run the new driver in winME and I patched the nvcore file but when i go to install the new drivers … by hitting update, i get a window that pops up and says … digital signal Notification and it doesn’t let me install them … :frowning: any ideas?


i forgot to mention that my advanced button on the digital signal notification is not highlighted… anyone know a way i can shut this protection off ? thanks :slight_smile:


Well Im going to leave my card the way it is since I have no use for 3D apps…