Geforce Titanium?


I’ve been reading alot about the new nVidia chip, Titanium, but I haven’t really figured out whether it’s some sort of a Ultra version or something else!?
Does anyone know what the difference is between “old” Geforce and Titanuim!?

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They have titanium, already? Are you sure?

Nooo! I was planning on buying GeForce 3.

i dont know the exact details, but yes, titanium is just a higher clocked (faster processor and ram speed) than the normal g3.

so yes almost 100% like the g2 ultra Vs g2 normal.

basicly bigger heatsink, faster clock speeds and prettier box.
oh…and heaps more $$$.

your better off getting a g3 and overclocking the pants off it with a nice cool pc.

or if you loaded then just fork out the cash.
cheers money bags :wink:


I have hercules prophet III and its hot, Im getting the TI500 because its faster etc…

AtI 8500, Cheaper more features and maybe better if ati will make a good driver for it

Just read for yourself

There are now 3 versions of Geforce 3. Ti200 is the cheapest and slowest, in the middle there is the old Geforce 3 while the new Ti500 is the fastest!!

But the differences in clock frequencies aren’t that big so personally i would say Ti200 is the best buy.


u say ti200 is slower than the old gefore 3 … but if u look at the hall of fame on 3dmark 2001 then it is abit faster than the old geforce 3


I have the Asus GF3 Ti200 v8200 deluxe. It overclocks way beyond the level of a standard GF3 and not far off the Ti500 level. My current overclock is 230mhz/core and 480mhz/ram. In benchmarks it puts me 3-4% behind a Ti500 and I am still pushinf up the speed a little everyday. Not bad for a card with full video recording/ 3d glasses and all for £170 :slight_smile: The standard GF3 version of the same card costs £100 more inc tax :slight_smile:

Yep, the Ti200 is best in Value, but if you can find a GeForce 3 (normal) at a good price, then thats better.
But I’m sure you all know, the Ti500 is tops! :cool:

The Ti200 is ran the same as my GeForce 2 Ultra.

I’ve been using one myself for about 2 weeks now and it kills my GeForce 2 Ultra, but I would say its only about 20% faster than a GeForce 3 (standard). I got it cheap through Hercules UK, as I know a few guys there, so NO, I wouldn’t pay FULL price on it as it wouldn’t really be worth it!

But now, I have problems with my machine just reseting randomly (auto reset on BSOD so my Downloadz can continue whilst I’m busy away).
It doen’t bother me, but it does screw my eDonkey files at times, so I wanna try to sort it out.

It does when its over clocked, it does when its under clocked.
The drivers seem to be the major ploblems I guess, along with Windows XP. I’ve added a small fan to the board, because it gets HOT, damm HOT!

So, any ideas on this? Thanks! Happy gaming! :wink: