Geforce fx 5900xt

Hi all,

I have just bought a geforce fx 5900xt graphics card made by a company called club 3d, I just wandered if club are any good as I have never heard of them before?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi there!

Yes, Club3D products are just as fine as the other brands. They are pretty well known, but not as well known as Asus, MSI, Leadtek etc etc.

What they (mainly) do is produce cards according to NVIDIA’s (and ATi’s) reference design. They don’t add any fancy features, extremely fast memory, giantic coolings etc etc… but they offer a simple card for a fair price. I’ve had Club3D hardware as well (well I had Powercolor hardware, but that’s the same brand) and it never failed on me…

Good choice I’d say :slight_smile: